Honeymoons are getting more and more outrageous by the day. Bold statement we know, but gone are the days when it’s just a plane ride and an exquisite hotel that held the keys to a dream-worthy honeymoon. Nowadays, couples are hiring honeymoon photographers who will capture that big moment on location. And with each click and each scroll on Instagram, we spot that cozy couple, sometimes with a drone, giving us some stunning pictures to ogle at. In 2019, let’s be honest, it’s that bucketlist experience and stunning shots accompanying them that will make a honeymoon attain its highest potential. And that’s why we picked out seven new ideas that are popular among traveling couples to make your honeymoon a one-of-a-kind premise. The question is: where do Indians want to honeymoon this year and what makes for a great bucket-list? Our answers are here below.

Breakfast by the pool

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It’s the newest couple activity to indulge in this year – a floating basket of breakfast goodies is yours with fresh orange juice, organic fare and lots of colourful fruits to get your day going. This one in Maldives at Jumeirah Vittaveli has a picturesque view with overwater lounges, private pools and even an overwater fitness centre that is open 24 hours.

Tub lounging

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We started spotted these tiny rustic tubs in many resorts all over Lapland and in New Zealand that are all about the country life that both idyllic and laidback. Our very own blogger-fashionista Masoom Minawala showcased some great pictures from her honeymoon doing just this – letting her hair down while lounging in the hot barrel aka tub.

Glass-bottom Kayaks

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It’s a concept that will become a bedside table picture frame. Going into shallow waters while you are on a transparent kayak against those beautiful waters is what beach holidays are made of. And they make for great Instagram-worthy shots and you can even pick up your partner from one of the waterfront villas.

Sunning net beds for breakfast or watching movies

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We spotted them first at the Anantara Kihavah Maldives where instead of sun-beds, these cute net beds are making their way into our collective consciousness. They are already attached to your room patio so it’s all about sunning yourself on the beach with a view. The Manadhoo, Kaafu, Maldives has net beds that go into the water and you can even watch movies on the giant screen.

Bubble hotel rooms

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Of all those outrageous ideas, this has to be the winner on all counts. Bubble hotels have been cropping up all over the world and are seen as a ready, more luxe replacement for glamping. A transparent inflatable dome allows you to sit amidst nature while enjoying all the luxe elements – that’s what we’re talking about. Try the Five Million Star Hotel in Iceland or the Bubble Tent hotel in Australia or the Thurgau Bubble-Hotel in Switzerland for some fun.

Sleeping out vis-a-vis Sleeping in

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Well, what if you wake up and see an amazing view in the morning? That’s the newest trend in honeymooning – this charming hotel in Greece offers uncompromising views while making sure you are tucked in nicely and gives a whole new meaning to, sleeping under the stars.

Swings in the sea

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Another water-based trend, this one is a much easier, much more do-able idea. Pick a resort that adds swings to it’s agenda and that means, you can frame this picture up in the living room.

Swimming with the fish

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This one is not for the faint-hearted, so if you can gather some guts and try for yourself, it’s a beautiful one-with-nature proposition. Hotels like Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa in Tahiti do offer such unique experiences where you can take snorkelling to another level.

Surround yourself with flamingos

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That’s a new idea. Though flamingos make for great photo-ops so that means your pictures and your time by the beach will look spectacular in a minute. The pink birds are a treat in Aruba and will add to your glamorous honeymoon.

Hot springs

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Natural hot springs in the town of Saturnia, Italy located in the region of Tuscany are just what the doctor ordered after a hectic wedding. The warm, blue springs are so inviting and if you can bear with lukewarm feels and a stunning Instagram shot, then by all means, head there pronto.

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