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Housing treasures and hidden gems in North East India – Manik Chand Jewellers

A treasure trove of intricately crafted jewellery, Manik Chand Jewellers is a name to reckon with when it comes to heritage jewellery in North East India. We catch up with the brand’s director, Krishan Kumar Soni on the brand’s future plans and key collections.

Discover North East India’s heritage jewellery house, Manik Chand Jewellers

Krishan Kumar Soni, Director at Manik Chand Jewellers

What is your brand enigma, and why?

Manik Chand Jewellers has been an established jewellery house from North-East India for quite a few decades. Their jewellery legacy has now entered into the 3rd Generation and when Manik Chand Jewellers started their name stood synonymous with the term “Beauty with Purity”. In those times the customers in that region were primarily gold buyers and other precious materials were not so readily available in 3 tier cities very easily. Besides the absence of options, there was also no standardisation of the purity of gold in these markets. The family right at the start decided that if they have to expand beyond their first store, they had to look into two things in their jewellery– Designs and Trust. Since Design is what makes the gold Beautiful and Trust is only possible with Purity, Manik Chand decided to adopt ‘Beauty with Purity’ as their tagline and take its foray onward into jewellery retailing. They were the first in the state to adopt BIS Gold Hallmarking across all their store.

How does the brand establish a connect to its customer to better suit their needs?

Guwahati is the capital city that houses some of the leading affluent families of Assam. There are also small industries that employ quite a few people from nearby cities and villages who flock to Guwahati for employment and for their future. In keeping with the evolving women audience of the city, Manik Chand Jewellers also chose to develop its jewellery collections beyond plain yellow gold jewellery. It was simply an objective call of the audience that became acquainted with jewellery tastes and trends that prevailed all over India. Being the leading jeweller of Assam, it required to keep in pace with the Woman who was ever-changing, yet never changing. What this means is that however independent a woman there became, her loyalties with the family would always remain. To nurture the connect with this new emerging woman, the merchandise changed drastically to include not only diamonds and gemstones but also platinum jewellery. The brand movement in India became evident in 2010 and Manik Chand Jewellers had already led the brand foray into Assam by housing some national brands like Azva, Nakshatra, Asmi, Karma, Sveni, Arisia, Agni and many others.

Please give us a brief glimpse into what your brand’s future plans are?

Manik Chand Jewellers has expanded from 3 stores in Guwahati to Silchar and is also soon to open in Kolkata. There is no looking back as the MCJ mark chooses to become the jewellery mark of Assam. In doing so, Krishan Kumar Soni has invested heavily in the infrastructure in a manner where a separate back office team has been geared up to handle the operations of all its stores, a gemology laboratory, a karatmeter installation in the stores, a design team that creates ideas and concepts with regional flavour. Krishanji is also an active member of the GJEPC, GJC and many other jewellery trade associations and bodies and is a familiar face in almost all national jewellery events.

Regal collections and inspiration?

Manik Chand Jewellers believes that for success the formula is to have Effective Merchandising and Efficient Marketing. No wonder that they have used celebrity faces like Preeti Jhangiani for their campaigns as long as 12 years ago and even the Silchar store opening was flagged off by the Big Boss winner and TV Star Deepika Kakkar.

For the brides who like gold, MCJ has antique and temple gold jewellery and even collections like Azva. For the bride who like sparkle, there is exquisite diamond chokers and diamond necklace sets. Even jadau, kundan and polki jewellery for those who wish to dress like royalty for their big day. Trendy diamond chandelier earrings and diamond tennis bracelets appeal to the women from upwardly mobile business families. Even a counter for astrological gemstones as there is a big demand from the men for that there.

All Images: Courtesy Manik Chand Jewellers

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