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Under-the-radar jewellery brands you need to know about

Think of jewellery in India and a decadent image resonates. Even though tradition reigns heavily within the jewelleryscape, there are a few who with their design interventions are bringing forth a change. 

There is a new school of designers rolling out pieces for a more contemporary and discerning set of jewellery aficionados. Whether it’s material interplay, experiments with colours or an ode to everything vintage, there seems to be a pinch of freshness in whatever they create. 

From silver earrings inspired by musical instruments, art deco-inspired bangles crafted in gold, necklaces featuring intricate artwork to mang tikkas studded with pearls, and old-school Mughal-inspired aesthetic, there is a lot to opt for.

Here are some new Indian jewellery labels that you need to know about.

Zayn by Sunena Malhotra

New Indian jewellery labels
Image: Courtesy Zayn by Sunena Malhotra

Subtle, delicate and evoking an old-school Mughal vibe – that’s how we would sum up Sunena Malhotra’s creations for her label Zayn. From navratan jhumkis with pearl tassels neckpieces crafted in rose quartz to meenakari cuffs, there is something for everyone. And if you in colour, this is your brand.

Shachee Fine Jewellery

Image: Courtesy Shachee Fine Jewellery New Indian jewellery labels
Image: Courtesy Shachee Fine Jewellery

This brand is all about wearable art. Crafted in 18k gold, processed to ensure that the base gold appears like lace, and then micro-mosaic handwork to attach gemstones into painting like arrangements, that’s Shah’s process. From delicate rings, layered necklaces, and hair accessories, everything seems to be like a work of art. It is one of the most exquisite new Indian jewellery labels to explore.

Bhavya Ramesh Jewelry

Image: Courtesy Bhavya Ramesh Jewellery Instagram New Indian jewellery labels
Image: Courtesy Bhavya Ramesh Jewellery Instagram

Just in case you are a jet setter, a regular music festival attendee, or an art enthusiast, Bhavya Ramesh Jewellery may have some pieces for you. Their exquisitely crafted silver pieces resonate a sense of Bohemia. From glass frames, rings, hair accessories to earrings, and much more, if you are on a lookout for elevating the element of a quirk in your look, Bhavya Ramesh Jewellery will not leave you disappointed.

Hannan Jewellery

Image: Courtesy Hannan Jewellery Instagram
Image: Courtesy Hannan Jewellery Instagram

Jewellery as a form of self-expression, that’s the motto of this new brand Hannan. Launched by close friends Bhaavya Bhatnagar and Rishi Baweja, it brings together different elements such as freshwater pearls, ceramics, and gold plated brass to shape the coolest of hoops, layered necklaces, charms, and more. Just in case you are on a look for chic, everyday pieces, Hannan is your brand.

One nought One One

Think cutting edge designs, minimalism, and clean shapes, Zinal Vora and Ayushi Thakkar’s label One Nought One One brings all these elements together. ‘Minimalist approach that creates a loud impact’ is how they sum up their brand. From neckpieces fashioned after eclipses of rings inspired by the idea of human connection, the pieces will not only add a character to your look but will allow you to think about the concept too.

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