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What’s beyond arranged marriages and quick fixes when it comes to finding the right life partner?

Finding love need not be a tough ask. It’s definitely about finding the right person with the right attitude but it’s also about closing the gaps, finding mutual ground and the meeting of two minds. Gone are the days when arranged marriages and love marriages ran in parallel. Today, it’s not about the path but the journey. When it comes to finding a life partner, life is about the smaller details that fit like a jigsaw puzzle. It goes without saying, therefore, that you also need the right guide to set you on the path of success in finding that right partner. 

This is Nikita’s journey.  She reminisces “Growing up, I was always ‘the good kid’, I didn’t want to get into any trouble, so I set boundaries for myself. When I first landed on American soil, I was perturbed and intimidated by both the lifestyle and the cultural differences I had to cope with. But soon, I felt very much a part of my new world, I felt I had held on to the values of my upbringing, but had embraced the freedom and diversity a new country offered.”  

Growing up in Delhi, Nikita relied heavily on her supportive and progressive parents who encouraged her curiosity and her vigour for life. At 21, she was accepted into the University of Chicago and all at once, she had flown the nest. It was a fun few months and soon routine took over but Nikita kept relying on her instincts and her thirst for adventure to keep her going. What initially felt like a daydream, soon became mundane.  Her first-ever solo trip to San Francisco was a challenge but once that was behind her, there was no looking back. Nikita had discovered the freedom of travel, the ease of creating her own memories.“Over time I explored new places, met different people, and stepped out of my comfort zone. Initially, my parents were hesitant about my adventures, but grew to respect my newfound independence.” 

Having globe trotted through the western continents for both pleasure and a thriving career, Nikita decided it was time to move back to India. “After so many incredible experiences, I realised I was ready to go back home, back to my roots. There was also a certain craving to share my life and experiences with someone. Despite all the exciting events and travels of the years past, true love and romance had eluded me. What I did know, was that the systemic route of arranged marriage wasn’t for me.” Nikita knew she wanted someone equally ambitious and progressive. She knew the relationship with a life partner is based on friendship, trust, and most of all, love. And she knew that building a meaningful connection would take time.

Nikita was aware that her parents didn’t quite recognize her expectations and did not have the social network that would result in a successful matchmaking journey.  She really wished she had someone to guide her through her search. That’s when she came across a write up on Anuradha Gupta and Vows for Eternity. It seemed like they were a service that could cater to what she wanted. The idea of taking her time to get to know a potential partner really appealed to her. She felt that they would understand her experiences and upbringing, and help bridge the gap between her parents’ and her expectations when it came to finding the right partner.

Anuradha Gupta, Founder CEO of Vows for Eternity, a New York-based offline matchmaking service says, “Most of our members take 10-18 months to get to know each other before taking the next step. They value their roots but have also been shaped by their experiences and lifestyle choices.” With over 10 years of experience, Anuradha has built a service that caters to successful and well-established individuals. It is known for its meticulous planning and modern outlook and is a destination for people who are serious about marriage and finding the right partner.  

The Vows for Eternity team is not driven by information on biodatas, they focus on every member’s needs and what attracts a person to someone. They manage a highly confidential and exclusive database of successful individuals who are rooted in Indian values and are located across the world, are well-travelled, progressive and those who believe marriage is an equal partnership.

Anuradha believes that in this digital era, it’s imperative to look beyond two-dimensional social media pictures. She says, “People often try to find quick fixes and that’s when the lines between what’s superficial and what’s fundamental get blurred. Easy access via the internet and swipes are distractions for some and they prevent people from looking within and figuring what they really want from a partner. We help our members to focus on what is fundamental to their relationship versus what is superficial or just good to have”. 

A bespoke service that marries the conventional with the modern, Vows for Eternity is countering the trend in the digital space. In an age where swiping and browsing has become the norm, this confidential, personalised and offline service keeps people at the heart of what they do. 

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