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Bridezilla or bridechilla? What kind of bride you’ll be, according to your zodiac sign

Weddings can be stressful and no one can understand it more than the bride herself. Even a calm and collected woman can turn into a bridezilla. For the unversed, bridezilla is a term used to describe the brides-to-be who put extra attention to detail and often panic while planning their D day because of the pressure of making everything look perfect. Meanwhile, a bridechilla is a cool, laid-back bride who enjoys being in the moment and loves to chill throughout her wedding. So, will you be a bridezilla or bridechilla? Let your zodiac predict that for you.

Know the type of bride you’ll become based on your zodiac sign

Aries- Bold

Being a fire sign, an Aries bride is expected to have leadership qualities like none other. This type of bride will be on her toes 24×7 to make sure everything is in its place. She won’t miss any chance to become a trendsetter with her boldness and fearless attitude. Although an Aries bride can get a little sensitive during the whole process, they have all the powers to brush aside the emotions and enjoy the big day.

Taurus- Chilled Out

Bride zodiac
Image: Courtesy Arbaaz Khan Production

A Taurus bride is the true definition of a bridechilla. Women born under this zodiac sign are super cool and love to have fun almost every time. When it comes to their wedding, Taurian brides will be very chilled out and you will find them eating, dancing and being carefree more than any other bride. Also, this one will ensure to make her wedding a memorable occasion for her guests.

Gemini- Creative

A Gemini bride will be a hands-on bride. Being the creative one, this bride is expected to be extremely particular about the management. Right from planning for a destination wedding to thinking of fun themes for every ceremony, a Gemini bride will be different about everything. You will find her all dolled up and yet standing with her wedding planners to make sure things are being executed as she planned.

Cancer- Emotional

Bride zodiac
Image: Courtesy UTV Motion Pictures

Cancer is a water sign which is slightly emotional. As a result, the Cancerian bride is going to be one of the most emotional and sensitive brides out of them all. So, this one might need to keep lots of tissues handy. She can simply cry over looking at her family or even on the romantic moments with her beau.

Leo- Bossy

Bride zodiac
Image: Courtesy Eros Now

Leos can be bossy. Well, going by the fierce trait of their zodiac sign, what else can one expect? This bride will assign chores to her trusted ones and will be driving everyone nuts. She can be quite finicky to make sure everything is happening according to her. So, the moral of the story is, never mess with a Leo bride on her D day and just do as she says.

Virgo- Perfectionist

Bride zodiac
Image: Courtesy Yash Raj Films

Virgo brides are so organised that they might not even need a wedding planner for their ceremonies. These brides are the epitome of perfection and will keep a check on every minor and major thing with a smile on their face. What makes this bride stand out is her demeanour. Despite managing everything, she will remain calm and composed.

Libra- Problem Solver

Indian weddings can be chaotic and if there’s a problem, a Libra bride is the go-to person. She is blessed with the art of maintaining a balance and can solve almost every issue which can rear its head at any given point. She is a true problem solver, who can take care of things without panicking.

Scorpio- Reserved

Bride zodiac
Image: Courtesy Pinterest

While everyone is clicking selfies and dancing their heart out, you will find the Scorpio bride chilling in a corner. Away from the noise and clutter, this bride will prefer a simple wedding with close friends and family. She respects her privacy and can be quite particular about having an intimate ceremony rather than a large one.

Sagittarius- Energetic

Bride zodiac
Image: Courtesy Instagram/@deepikapadukone

The Sagittarian bride will have high-voltage energy and you will always find her ready for anything, anytime. When everyone will be tired after attending rituals all day long, this bride will still be fully charged and ready to dance with her pals. There will never be a dull moment with the bride born under this zodiac as she will enjoy every second of her wedding.

Capricorn- Traditional

Bride zodiac
Image: Courtesy Dharma Productions

A Capricorn bride is different from all the others in terms of enjoying all the ceremonies, including the wedding. A bride from this zodiac sign will be seen relishing every moment of the rituals. She will prove to be a typical traditional bride who will abide by every custom and rites. Apart from enjoying the vows and puja, you can find her at the food counter devouring her favourite delicacies as well.

Aquarius- Unpredictable

Bride zodiac
Image: Courtesy BalajiMotionPictures

When it comes to an Aquarian woman, unpredictability is her premium trait. She is a strong-headed bride who will be seen dancing and partying with her gang almost all the time throughout her wedding. She loves to grab attention and also surprise everyone with her quirky behaviour. So, don’t be amazed if she abruptly plans to enter her wedding venue on a bike.

Pisces- Dreamy

Do you sit and imagine your fairytale wedding? Chances are high that you are a Pisces bride-to-be. No one, literally, no one can fantasise about her wedding more than a Piscean. Be it the decor, the venue or even her entrance, she would have planned all of it in her head since her childhood! One of the most cinematic brides, this one will definitely showcase different emotions on her D day.

(Hero image: Courtesy Instagram/@aliaabhatt; Featured image: Courtesy Freepik)

Bridezilla or bridechilla? What kind of bride you’ll be, according to your zodiac sign

Apart from scrunched up paper with recycled aspirations, Sanyukta is also a writer. When not reading or scribbling, she loves playing copious amounts of video games and watch tons of films.

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