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Where to find new-age mehendi designs for modern brides

As far as the smallest of details for weddings go, it’s important to find the right mehendi designs for modern brides. We got you five places to start your mehendi design journey.

Modern brides need contemporary ideas to shine on the big day. We’re talking off-beat lehengas, stunning photo-ops, gorgeous locations, and an Instagram-worthy bridal shot. While the mehendi function is by far the most fun affair for brides, an interesting, modern mehendi design comes a close second. New-age brides are constantly on the lookout for ideas and inspiration for a contemporary, intricate or minimalist mehendi designs.

Nowadays, mehendi designs are a riot – they come with a love story, some with a modern minimalist design (perfect for Instagram) and others have an interesting personal tale to tell. We got you five accounts that will give you mehendi inspiration to set you apart from other brides and make sure you get that coveted Instagram shot. While some of these accounts are pure magic and underrated designs, others are bridal-mehendi-based – and it’s all just a way to give you inspiration to go off-beat. 

For minimalist brides: Dr.Azra’s Henna Design

Azra Khamissa is a bag designer who owns a label called AZRA in collaboration with local artisans. But lately, she’s known all over Instagram as the woman who changed the face of mehendi design. She treats mehendi like art, creating beautiful, stunning, subtle designs that are not only conventional but also thought-provoking. They are simple yet inspirational for brides who like to keep it unusual and exciting.

For those looking at off-beat ideas: The Solo Girl

Delhi-based visual artist, creative director and textile designer Prabhleen Kaur’s account is peppered with all kinds of bohemian goodness. Her design sensibility is based on symmetry and a balance between negative space and fine details. And once in a while, she uses the stunning art of mehendi to create ideas that are not just contemporary but simple and enlightening. It might not be for a traditional bride, but it’s definitely for a bohemian bride. The block print flower mehendi is our personal favourite and it’s interesting to know that the motifs are textile-based and also feature wildlife: flora and fauna. Her overall work aesthetic is maximal, anti-formula and ephemeral.

Custom art work: Neha Assar

If you are looking to build a story and create custom artwork of sorts, check out Neha Assar’s Instagram page. The Los Angeles Henna Artist does some great personalised work – a bride once wanted her to draw the Buccaneers logo and incorporate it into her mehendi design. Then there was one with greek domes, a Cleveland skyline and one where she included both the bride and groom’s religions – Hinduism and Judaism beautifully.

Bold designs and lots of portraits: Henna by Divya

Canada-based henna artist to the stars Divya Patel is very well-known in the wedding circles. What stands out in her designs? Her ability to do intricate, art-based portraits, her thick lines that are bolder, more design-based, and her paintings through mehendi. She’s even done the mehendi for our favourite beauty blogger Kaushal, and we’re in love with her traditional designs that come with a twist.

She works with black henna and white henna to create stunning florals and interesting pieces that include Indian gods and goddesses. Our favourite one is the bridal henna design that showcases the place where the groom proposed to the bride in a treehouse, alongside a merged skyline to represent their cities, Toronto (CN Tower) and Vancouver (Mountains). Don’t miss the portrait of Logan, the groom’s husky incorporated into the design as well as a globe/plane to represent the couple’s mutual love for travelling.

Symmetry and style: NS Mehendi Artist

If you are looking at absolute symmetry, intricate design, and minute detailing – NS Mehendi is the place to scour for inspiration. The style goes from close-knit designs to jewellery-designs with mehendi, stunning shading, and Aztec designs. The mehendi work on the feet is even more inspirational, and we love how everything comes together in symmetry.

Where to find new-age mehendi designs for modern brides

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