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FIFA World Cup 2022: Football enthusiasts need to be mindful of these tenets in Qatar

Want to chug a mug of beer standing in the stadium while cheering for your favourite team? Want to show your enthusiasm by carrying inflatable objects to the FIFA matches? Well, either of them isn’t possible if you’re headed to Qatar to catch the FIFA World Cup matches live this season. Here’s looking at some of the rules one needs to follow while in Qatar.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar has kicked off on a high note, but these are some rules that football stans across the globe need to abide by. The Islamic Gulf state is quite particular when it comes to following the code of conduct. In fact, a US journalist was briefly detained for contravening the rules and regulations during the major sporting event.

Grant Wahl, a journalist travelling from the States was detained after he tried to enter a World Cup stadium in Qatar while wearing a rainbow shirt in support of the LGBTQ community. For the uninitiated, same-sex relations are illegal as per Qatar’s laws.

So, to make it easy for you, here’s a guide on the very specific rules and regulations at the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022. Read on for all the constraints in Qatar for football enthusiasts at the sporting event between November 20 and December 18.

List of banned things at the FIFA World Cup 2022

Prohibition of alcohol

One could be charged for offending someone, slapped with a hefty fine or land in prison for six months if they’re found to be consuming alcohol. While liquor sale has been banned across all stadiums, there’s no law as such which allows drinking in public spaces as well. Unless you wish to be flogged or called out for tainting the culture of the country, be sure to remain sober.

Engaging in PDAs, sexual activities are off the charts

A peck on the cheek while rooting for your favourite team or holding hands while you are on your way to the stadium to catch the latest match might land you in trouble. Well, all these things and more breach the decree of Qatar and are hence forbidden. In fact, engaging in sexual activities could land you behind bars for several years. Homosexuality is criminalised in Qatar. Visitors found engaging or partaking in such activities will be severely dealt with under Qatar’s laws.

Revealing clothes is a big ‘no-no’

There’s a proper way to dress in public space especially when it comes to attending the FIFA World Cup live. Visitors coming from outside Qatar have been advised to keep their shoulders and knees covered.

No undressing or removing of clothes

Did you know that football players get a yellow card in case they take their jerseys off? While they just get a yellow card, football enthusiasts may get booked under Qatari laws. It has strictly advised to not remove any item of clothing irrespective of the scorching heat in the country.

Eat on your time

Well, whatever be your feelings on this specific rule, one must follow this rule strictly. No food is allowed inside the stadiums barring baby food and medically appropriated food.

Celebratory items – what for?

Inflatable items like balloons, foam fingers, and celebratory items like confetti poppers and helium balloons are strictly prohibited.

Cheering loudly – Not permitted

Instruments that produce loud noises are outlawed inside the stadium. This includes vuvuzela, whistles, loudspeakers, to name a few. In fact, things that do not easily fit in the X-ray baggage scanners are also not allowed.

Disrespecting Qatar’s culture deemed as inappropriate

One may have their own views and opinions regarding the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar but posting insensitive content with respect to the practices being observed in the country will not be tolerated.

So, think twice before you catch the plane and go through the code of conduct in order to avoid any trouble whilst you enjoy the FIFA World Cup. For those who can’t do without sumptuous food and a glass of beer or a single malt, head to these sports bars and resto pubs in Indian cities to enjoy the ongoing action on field.

Hero Image: Courtesy Gerrie Van Der Walt/Unsplash; Featured Images: Courtesy Gift Habeshaw/Unsplash

FIFA World Cup 2022: Football enthusiasts need to be mindful of these tenets in Qatar

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