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Looking for a unique wedding destination? Consider space

A company is offering the chance to travel to the edge of space to experience stunning views—and for couples to have their wedding in space. 

Best be careful when you tell someone that you love them to the moon and back because that might be true very soon. Space Perspective, a company based in Florida, is selling the experience of a lifetime: the chance to go to the edge of space. It won’t be as nerve-wracking as a full-on space flight but it will bring you high enough that you can still boast you’ve been to space. But that’s not all. They’re also offering a couple the chance to have a once-in-a-lifetime wedding by tying the knot in space.

Get married in space with the help of Space Perspective

Image credit: Space Perspective

There’s a lot of talk about space tourism in the past years, and while the image that comes to mind for many of us is getting on a rocket and being launched out into space, Space Perspective is offering something a little different. They’re not promising to take you all the way into space but take you to the edge of space where you’ll be “above 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere”, according to their website. 

Space Perspective doesn’t also use a rocket as some might assume. Instead, they use what they call a SpaceBalloon, which “launches” from land or sea, takes you all the way up, and then descends into the ocean for splashdown. The whole ascent and descent takes six hours, which means there’s plenty of time for a proper wedding and perhaps a short reception all while having a breathtaking view of Earth from above.

Image credit: Space Perspective

The capsule passengers will be in called the Space Lounge also comes with a number of amenities like drinks, comfortable chairs to watch the view, and wi-fi so you can literally FaceTime or livestream the wedding ceremony from the edge of space. One major limitation couples need to consider, however, is the number of people the Space Lounge can accommodate. With its original layout, nine people can be onboard including the pilot, though the website says the layout can be changed for events like weddings. 

Of course, a wedding on the edge of space comes with a price. Space Perspective’s website says it costs USD 125,000 (over INR 1 crore) per seat, though we’re assuming the price will be higher if it’s a special wedding flight. If your interest is piqued, you can book now via their website.

Hero and Featured Images: Space Perspective

This story first appeared on Prestige Thailand.

Looking for a unique wedding destination? Consider space

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