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The Macallan’s new Colour Collection launches in Dubai

The Macallan returns with an exquisite collection of age-statement whiskies, a testament to their enduring legacy of craftsmanship. The Colour Collection comprises five meticulously aged whiskies, ranging from the beloved 12-year-old to the exquisite 30-year-old expression.

The Macallan

The Macallan is renowned for crafting exceptional whiskies, celebrated for their rich flavours, intricate aromas, and precise artistry. Their latest offering, The Colour Collection, is exclusively available in global travel retail. These whiskies are aged in predominantly American Sherry Seasoned Oak casks, resulting in a harmonious fusion of flavours and distinct hues in each bottle.

To unveil this masterful collection, The Macallan launched the five age-statement whiskies with an elegant soiree in Dubai’s Caesar’s Palace. The event commenced with a sherry tasting experience, immersing guests in the symbolic journey that these casks undertook to produce the beautifully matured whiskies in the Colour Collection.

An aura of artistry enveloped the venue as an exhibit showcased the new packaging, designed by the renowned American Graphic Designer, David Carson. Looking closely, one discovered the profound significance of this reimagined packaging, where Carson artfully retained the essence of the brand while propelling it forward on its evolutionary path.

The Macallan

The evening continued with a meticulously curated dinner thoughtfully paired with the aged whiskies awaiting tasting. The journey began with a delightful 15-year-old paired with roasted octopus and oak-smoked potato foam, creating a harmonious balance of citrusy and smoky notes.

The 18-year-old expression accompanied a sumptuous serving of braised veal, elevating the main course with sweet oak and vanilla nuances, earning it unanimous praise at the table.

A true highlight of the evening was the 21 Year old expression, the first ever released by The Macallan, a true collector’s treasure within the brand portfolio. Paired with a baked custard dessert, it was an exquisite fusion of coffee, ginger, and tropical fruit notes, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.

As the guests savoured the meal, a pleasant surprise awaited – a taste of the exclusive and limited 30-year-old expression. This exceptional blend showcased an array of flavours, from sweetness and spiciness to the unmistakable oak and surprising fruitiness, culminating in a profound journey through taste, heritage, and time.

Throughout the evening, one sentiment resonated: The Macallan is not just in the business of whisky; it is in the business of time. The Colour Collection is a testament to the enduring values of patience, technique, and meticulous craftsmanship that define The Macallan’s name, embracing both tradition and evolution for a changing consumer base.


The Macallan’s new Colour Collection launches in Dubai

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