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The best mental health practice for 2022, based on your zodiac

We exercise for our physical health. We eat healthy for our overall mental being. We pray and perhaps even meditate for our spiritual health. But, what about our mind? What are we doing for its health? After all, our mind is constantly working twenty-four-seven, at a speed that could make light itself quiver with fear. Beyond just our daily thoughts and feelings, our mind also controls our motor skills, the way we process reality, and even how we view ourselves. What are we doing to take care of it?

One of the earliest documentation of mental health we found in the Ebers Papyrus of Egypt, dating back to 1550 BCE, where there are mentions of depression and ‘thought disorders’. In Ancient Greece, the temples of Asclepius – the god of medicine and healing – provided cures for numerous psychosomatic illnesses as early as 600 BCE.

Almost two hundred years later, Hippocrates introduced the concept of the ‘four temperaments’, and argued that the brain was the organ of mental and psychic processes – not the heart. Why, there are divisions of human nature into different temperaments in the Dead Sea Scrolls as well.

Words can’t even begin to describe the length at which Ayurveda has delved deeply into mental health, and how it’s connected with our physical and spiritual health through the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), as well as, the Panchamahabhutas (the five basic elements of life – aether, air, fire, water, and earth).

Thus, you can safely tell the Karen’s, as well as, the politically incorrect Uncles and Bhaisahabs of your family WhatsApp group that Mental Health isn’t a ‘modern concept’, and neither is it solely a fancy new invention of the younger generation – or even American for that matter. After all, if our country’s own great sages and rishis of antiquity found it important enough to give it prime importance in the Ayurveda, who are they to diminish its severity?

The good thing is, times are changing, and awareness is spreading. More and more people are understanding the value of mental health and are seeking ways to heal themselves. Through the power of the media – especially digital – awareness and education about our Mental Health is being spread rapidly in a way that’s oh so easily available.

There are even apps that help us get connected with qualified mental health professionals at any given point, to help us work through a crisis as soon as it strikes. There’s a reason this is called, “The Age of Aquarius.”

In this article, we are sharing simple quick ‘hacks’ to help your mental health based on the principles of astrology.

It is imperative to mention that these are just ‘hacks’. Though they can be incredibly therapeutic in many ways, they cannot and should not be used as a replacement for qualified mental health professionals. Your mind is precious, and we cannot trivialise it.

Mental health hacks based on our zodiac sign:


Aries September 2021

Ruled by Mars, Aries is driven by their passions and their incredible zest for life. This often gives them a reputation for being fiery – and sometimes that can burn people around them, as well as, themselves. Quick to anger, and quick to forgive, Aries works hard parties hard, and won’t hesitate to dazzle you with their intelligence and brilliance at the drop of a hat when you least expect it.

Mars is a warrior, and Aries loves a good fight, but it would be helpful if Aries would channel that Martian energy towards competitive sports, or even a regular fitness regime. After all, Aries’ metal is iron, thus strength training – or ‘pumping iron’ would work wonders on their mood and overall sense of self.

Aries also rules the head, as well as, the brain. With Mars’ fiery trail, it’s no wonder they get prone to headaches, migraines, and fevers of sorts. We all know how such inflictions can also lead to dips in one’s immunity, and in Aries’ case, bring out the worst in their anger, as well as, wreak havoc on their mental health.

Thus, building physical strength is so important for Aries. After all, there’s a reason for the adage – strong body, strong mind, strong spirit! Also, do indulge in a good head massage on a weekly basis.

However, please consult a qualified mental health professional if need be.


Taurus September 2021

Venus’ beautiful earthy Bull is perhaps one of the strongest signs of the zodiac. Even if they appear slender and svelte, or whether they just seem to give off the laziest vibe, when push comes to shove, Taurus is unbeatable. They have the strength to take the world on their shoulders, while still having the ability to stop and smell a rose.

Their steadfastness and sincerity make them one of the most dependable signs. Which is why so many people depend on them. And that’s where the trouble begins. Thus, for the sake of their own mental health, it is imperative that Taurus put self-care high on their list of priorities. After all, self-love and self-confidence grow more through all our efforts to promote self-care.

Consistency is the key to every self-care routine. Taurus’ is far too practical to get caught up in fancy trends that keep changing in the blink of an eye. However, Venus is the Goddess of beauty, and thus a simple yet effective morning and nighttime ritual are perfect for Taurus to ‘feel grounded and centred’. Taurus is one sign that definitely deserves to treat itself to an indulgence now and then. Obviously, that should be measured and balanced – over indulgences of any kind are harmful. However, once in a while, Taurus can allow themselves to blissfully indulge without any trace of guilt or shame.

However, please consult a qualified mental health professional if need be.


Gemini September 2021

No Gemini, you don’t have multiple-personality-disorder or even dissociative-identity-disorder. Your whole reputation of being ‘two-faced’ is actually a survival instinct that allows you to not only adapt in all circumstances but also narrowly escape out of sticky situations (many of which you caused in the first place – don’t try to grin your way out of it) without much damage. After all, you are ruled by Mercury – the messenger of the gods, as well as, the patron of thieves, con-artists, and even the only deity that could visit the realm of the dead and return with ease. Thus, not only are your survival instincts incredible, but you’re such a fun conversationalist – not to mention a wicked gossip!

Gemini’s worst enemy is boredom, and their hands will definitely be the devil’s plaything if their mind is kept idle for too long. Some are infamous or trolling comment sections and online message boards because of said boredom. Not to mention that Mercury heightens their levels of anxiety to no end. Perhaps the best mental health hack for a Gemini is to keep their hands busy. Be it through journaling, doodling, crafting, or even learning something new (short term – they don’t have the attention, nor will commit beyond that). Gemini’s would also do well to practice mindfulness – for even a minute of it can work wonders for them.

However, please consult a qualified mental health professional if need be.


Cancer September 2021

Cancer is ruled by the moon, and thus their mental and emotional states wax and wane in seemingly random rhythms. Cancer also rules the fourth house of the chart, which not only signifies the mother (mommy issues), but also one’s lineage, and the source of life itself. After all, Cancer’s symbol is a crab, signifying their need to isolate themselves in their shells during times of turmoil. Not to mention the pincers that cause them to ‘cling’,  creating unhealthy codependency on toxic situations and even people. Cancer heals best when they allow their emotions to flow like a river, rather than remain stagnant within. But their emotions are heavy ones, and they need to feel safe to do so.

Thus, it’s so important that Cancer has a ‘safe space’ at their homes that’s completely for them. Be it a room, a closet, or even a corner. That’s for them and them alone – to just be one with their emotions. Being near water can be incredibly therapeutic to them. Thus trips to the seaside, lake, or river can have a powerful healing effect. If neither is possible – a long bath can work as well (throw in a few Epsom salts). Food can prove to be a powerful ally to their mental well being, and a good nutritionist would help them mindfully comfort eat when need be. But most of all, cancer is creative – and need encouragement to express their creativity as it’ll heal their souls in unimaginable ways.

However, please consult a qualified mental health professional if need be.


Leo September 2021

Our mighty solar jungle cat has not only a gregarious spirit but also a deep need to feel as if they’re accomplishing something special and of importance. After all, when you’re born with so much natural regality, surely it’s meant for bigger things than a mundane existence. Not the kind of people to sit idle, Leo’s are the most motivated souls who will not only hesitate to do things that would make most others quiver but would do it with their heads held high in aplomb. However, that doesn’t mean they are completely immune to emotional lows and moments of darkness. Even the mighty sun on the hottest of hot summer days has to set some time or the other.

Thus, Leo’s work well with affirmations! Instead of being dependent on praise from others, Leo’s would do best by motivating themselves through powerful affirmations. After all, adulation or the lack of, from others makes no difference if your heart is empowered with self-love. Also, looking good helps Leo feel good – the outside is a reflection on the inside, and vice versa. So a good healthy regime and dressing well can work wonders on their mood. Their biggest superpower is their heart, and thus, by showering loved ones with love and support – ‘The Universe’ rewards them with abundant love and support in return.

However, please consult a qualified mental health professional if need be.


Virgo September 2021

Virgo is a perfectionist, and no one can do things as efficiently as effectively as a Virgo can. Virgo is even capable of bringing order to even Lovecraftian levels of chaos and disorder. It pales in comparison to the chaos that’s within them. That’s their dirty secret. And if you think they’re so critical of everyone else, it pales in comparison to how much they’re critical to themselves. This is why they have such weak digestive systems, and often succumb to IBS and other related issues. Sometimes their need to ‘organise’ is basically a band-aid to avoid discussing what’s really bothering them. And let’s not forget how their nervous energy can lead to panic and even anxiety attacks.

Working with animals can be the best thing for a Virgo. Be it looking after a pet, or two, or even three, or even volunteering at an animal shelter can have an incredibly therapeutic effect on a Virgo. Many countries have recognised the importance of animal-assisted therapy and even have done studies about how interacting with animals – especially pets –  leads to incredible improvements in one’s mental health and overall quality of life. Virgo’s would make devoted pet parents and would be rewarded manyfold not only by ‘The Universe’ but by the pet as well.

However, please consult a qualified mental health professional if need be.


Libra September 2021

Libra loves balance and harmony. That’s because they’re anything but balanced and harmonious within. If you tell them this, they may deny it and debate with you till the sun goes down. Only to pause, introspect, and realise it’s true. Then shrug it off and move on to the next topic. As much as they enjoy a feisty debate, this is a sign that over-extends itself when it comes to pleasing others, sometimes even compromising their own comfort and well-being. Saying, ‘no’ sometimes can be incredibly difficult and might be a source of a lot of inner conflict and disharmony. Beyond that, they only appear indecisive because they’re constantly weighing a laundry list of pro’s and con’s, as they just want to make a decision that would benefit everyone involved.

Thus, ‘boundaries’ are something Libra needs to really work on. Establishing firm and concrete boundaries is perhaps the greatest act of self-love that Libra can ever do for themselves. If they respect the boundaries they’ve set, others around them will do so too. Along with that, remember, Libra is ruled by Venus, the ultimate ‘material girl’ in the celestial heavens. Thus, nothing can cheer Libra up like a good ol’ dose of retail therapy. Fellow Libra, Carrie Bradshaw would agree! But more than anything, it’s essential for Libra to build a strong sense of self, so that they aren’t dependent on external sources of validation. Easier said than done, but with time and patience, it is possible.

However, please consult a qualified mental health professional if need be.


Scorpio September 2021

Scorpio is the storehouse of secrets and mysteries. Ruled by Pluto – god of the underworld, and co-ruled by Mars – god of war – every single day can become a battlefield for a Scorpio, and no one around them, not even their closest ally will ever get to know about it. Known to hold grudges for lifetimes and to prosecute those who violate their privacy in any which way, Scorpio is like a silent ticking time bomb with an extremely long wait time. Rarely will they ever explode – but when they do – it’s nuclear. Usually, however, they’ll find intricate ways to bring you down from behind the scenes in ways so subtle, it will always catch you off guard. An eye-for-an-eye is a typical Scorpio mantra, and that’s what leads to their downfall.

Forgiveness is what can heal the mind and soul of any and every Scorpio. Working on forgiving others that have harmed you in major and minor ways, as well as, forgiving yourself for any and everything you blame yourself for – is perhaps the greatest act of self-love you can possibly do. Jealousy and holding grudges poison the heart, mind, and soul – and the best way to neutralise that poison is through practising forgiveness. Also, it’s important for you to remember that not everything is an intense life-or-death high stake extreme scenario. It’s okay to breathe. It’s okay to relax. And most of all, it’s okay to just let go! Daily meditative practise will help bring more peace and clarity, as well as, the strength to forgive.

However, please consult a qualified mental health professional if need be.



Sagittarius September 2021

Sagittarius is perhaps the most optimistic sign of the zodiac. They’re the astrological version of all those ‘positive vibes’ and ‘love and light’ posts that pop up in our Instagram feeds now and again. Whenever they see someone blue, they’re always ready to cheer them up with a pep-talk, and a funny joke. However, if the pandemic has taught us anything is that constant positivity is incredibly toxic. And Sagittarius’ need for being positive and perky all the time is their way of running away from deeper issues that haunt them. That’s why they’re astrological commitment-phobes – it’s too scary for them to go in too deep within themselves. Which is why they’re always eager to escape reality and call it ‘wanderlust’.

What causes Sagittarius the most amount of stress is the feeling of being ‘boxed up’ or ‘caged in’. The minute they feel trapped in any which way, their fight or flight mode kicks in, and if they must, they’ll literally kick their way out like a wild horse. One can only imagine the devastating effects lockdowns and quarantines have had on them. Thus they feel oh so much happier when they’re travelling, dancing, or basically just on the move in general. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is at their happiest whenever they’re learning something – especially if it is philosophical or even spiritual in nature. And yet, sometimes just having a good talk, where someone would listen to them without interruption, can be mighty powerful. Which is why therapy is a wonderful option for them.

However, please consult a qualified mental health professional if need be.


Capricorn September 2021

Capricorn is perhaps one of the most complicated signs of the zodiac. Scorpio may be the sign of mystery, but even the most elusive of all Scorpios can be baffled by what exactly makes Capricorn tick. When they’re in their happiest of moods, they will be the life of the party. However, pay attention, you’ll see a deep sorrow in their eyes – something they can never mask. Many often have a need to dedicate a set amount of time to just ‘be sad’. Ruled by Saturn, the planet that rules time, karma, and penance, there’s always a cloud of guilt and shame that seems to hover over a Capricorn. Sometimes that cloud also rains – usually in private, where no one else can see, nor ever know. Capricorn is also the master of self-punishment.

It’s so important for Capricorn to remember that being their own worst critic will never really help them. Negative reinforcement only damages the soul more. It’s also important for them to remember that they can never truly control others, and life itself. All they can ever manage is their reaction to life and its unpredictability. To navigate through it, Capricorns need a strong sense of structure. Thus a daily routine and schedule can actually be an act of self-love for them. Along with this, Capricorn would benefit practising yoga – especially a physically challenging style like ashtanga or vinyasa, because not only will it help them flow with life, but it’ll teach them how to let go and move on, adapting to all of life’s changes beyond their control.

However, please consult a qualified mental health professional if need be.


Aquarius September 2021

Aquarius is often called the ‘mad-scientist’, and ‘cult-leader’ of the zodiac – owing to their unique and innovative way of looking at and observing the world, and the natural charisma that somehow makes them effortlessly cool – even if they don’t feel that way. However, human emotions as a whole baffle Aquarians. They find them hard and messy to handle, and even if they study the depths of human psychology, they’ll still find it odd why human emotions exist in the first place – wishing everyone would just do the logical thing. Thus their go-to self-defence mechanism is being emotionally detached. Though that helps, it often leaves them feeling cold and surprisingly isolated.

Thus, it’s so important for Aquarius to practice empathy, and do so from a genuine place, without it coming across as patronising or condescending. It can be hard, but it’s important for them to understand that emotions are meant to be felt viscerally. Empathy is the best way to start feeling. However, Aquarius should always ‘get their freak on’ with pride. Never should they be shamed for ‘being odd’, because that’s what makes them secret geniuses – enabling them to understand things many others would never, and come up with brilliant plans to ‘save the world’ and ‘uplift humanity’. Thus, working with alternative healing modalities like Reiki, Pranic Healing, etc – will be incredibly therapeutic for them. If they study them and use them to help others – they’ll also earn tons of karmic brownie points and heal themselves even faster.

However, please consult a qualified mental health professional if need be.



Pisces September 2021

Pisces is often known as the ‘dustbin of the zodiac’, for they not only contain the baggage of every other sign of the zodiac (having spent countless incarnations in each of them), but they also have this need to be a martyr figure to all the misfits, rejects, and those who have been done wrong by the world. However, it’s important to remember that underneath all martyr figures is a form of covert narcissism, which can be even deadlier than the more overt versions. Pisces’ heightened levels of empathy make them terrific listeners, counsellors, and even wise guides. However, that very heightened empathy makes them feel the pain, darkness, and overall negativity to a higher degree than most others. Thus, it isn’t surprising that Pisces uses any means to ‘escape reality’ through addictions – which can range from alcohol, drugs, to even sniffling magic markers, or binging Netflix to an unhealthy level. And in some strange cases – exercise and extreme dieting. Anything that can help dull the pain, Pisces will try it all.

It’s so important for Pisces to honour their sensitivity. Their feelings and emotions are valid, and they have every right to experience them without shame. Perhaps the best way to channel this energy is through creative pursuits. Be it drawing, sketching, painting, theatre, photography, dancing, writing, even dressmaking, or perhaps even interior designing. Pisces are naturally creatively talented people – even in ways, they haven’t yet discovered. Thus, it’s so important that they channel their emotional energy through the arts. What most people can only dream about, Pisces can capture it on a canvas, a film reel, or even pages of a novel.

However, please consult a qualified mental health professional if need be.


The story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Singapore

The best mental health practice for 2022, based on your zodiac

Zorian Cross specialises in eastern and western schools of mysticism and philosophy, and over the past 15 years, has established himself as a respected tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, and psychic channel. Also a certified ashtanga/vinyasa yoga instructor and a multi-award-winning theatre artiste, Cross’ 2019 TEDX Talk focused on how the transformative power of pain, when channelled through art, can make the world a better place. Follow him on Instagram: @ajnajog

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