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Hit songs by K-pop kings BTS that best describe you, based on your zodiac sign

From gut-wrenching ballads to heart-thumping dance numbers – the world’s most popular K-pop boy group has a song for every season and occasion. Naturally, there’s a foot-tapping hit to compliment the day and time of your birth as well. Whether you’re an ARMY on the lookout for your life’s theme track or a music enthusiast who’s refreshing their playlist – here’s our pick of the perfect BTS bop to describe each zodiac sign.

Hailed for creating songs that traverse generations – BTS have firmly established themselves in the listening habits of the world. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a music chart that doesn’t feature the all-boy K-pop group or one of its members. This, in part, might be due to the artists’ open vulnerability – which has allowed them to produce meaningful, thought-provoking, and relatable numbers. In fact, the seven idols consistently use their lyrical prowess to comfort and motivate fans while also discussing societal challenges – particularly the stigma around mental health.

Pepper in a few tracks to get back at naysayers and you have quite the well-rounded discography. And while you might already have your pick of favourites, the cosmos may point to a song that truly compliments your personality and has the potential to make it to the top of the most-streamed list on your Spotify. This especially considering our signs point to our most dominant traits – determining everything from our everyday coffee order to relationship styles. Here’s a look at which BTS bop best suits each zodiac.

The BTS bop that best describes each zodiac sign

Aries: Fire

Aries is known to be impulsive, courageous, and adventurous. Their perfect track is the equally bold and boisterous Fire. The aggressive electro-pop track features gripping trap percussion, hypnotic chants, and raw raps. The choreography goes hard as well. The lyrics are motivational – urging one to let go of the past, live the present without worries, and conquer the future. The singers encourage the listener to ‘Burn it up,’ – this go-getter fire sign would be more than glad to oblige.

Taurus: Home

Taurus is known to be dependable and grounded. The ideal track for this sign would have to exude the comfort they seek and bring to the people around them. Home is the perfect match. The heartwarming pop-R&B-electronic track is dedicated to their fans (ARMY). It channels the warmth that being in your safe space brings – with the singers noting that despite their wealth and fancy properties, it’s their listeners they turn to for refuge when they’re exhausted and lonely. Soft vocals complement equally soothing melodies – with a touch of funky rap to get your feet tapping. The earth sign would find this dedication to loved ones relatable.

Gemini: Butter

Geminis are known to be charming, flirtatious, and social. The wildly popular all-English track Butter is as smooth as this air sign. The groovy dance-pop number has the singers tap into their ‘superstar glow’ and undeniable magnetism – noting how easy it is to make people fall for them. The production taps into the retro trend, albeit without heavy synth. This, along with groovy instrumentals, vibrant visuals, and breezy vocals lend this song a certain youthful quality. There are also plenty of pop-culture references in place – which this trendy air sign would enjoy spotting. Besides, at one point Suga notes he’s ‘Rollin’ up the party, got the right mind.’ If that doesn’t describe a Gemini on a weekend, we don’t know what does.

Cancer: Magic Shop

Cancers are known to be sensitive and affectionate. They’d be drawn to the emotional depth and comforting quality of Magic Shop. The ballad-like track with electronic drops delves into loneliness and heartbreak – with the singers urging ARMY to look within their own hearts and find the door to a refuge where they can heal. All this, while vulnerably describing just how much they struggle with similar feelings as well. Intended to provide comfort to their young fanbase navigating a challenging world, the song is heartwarming. BTS is a nurturer here – a role that this water sign often takes on. Besides feeling right at home, the lyrics – including RM’s ‘I do believe your galaxy, I want to listen to your melody,’ – will validate Cancers, allowing them to embrace their emotional nature without qualms.

Leo: Idol

Leos are known to be regal, confident, and ambitious. Those born under this sign embrace the spotlight with a devil-may-care attitude that’s best reflected in Idol. The high-energy track with repetitive layered percussions was reportedly inspired by gqom – a style of house music from South Africa that features powerful traditional drums and house synths – fusing traditional and modern. The fast and furious choreography and vibrant visuals complement this. The lyrics, meanwhile, talk about discovering self-love and allowing the naysayers to fade into the distance while the singers embrace their popularity. More specifically, the words ‘I never gon’ change. I never gon’ trade,’ describes a certain stubbornness that’s most associated with Leos. They’re idols for themselves – and this bold approach to life is something Leos are known for as well.

Virgo: Make It Right

Virgos are known to be practical and stable. And while this quality might be underrated, those born under this sign are quite dedicated to their loved ones. Make It Right will echo their innermost emotions towards their loved ones, particularly during hardships. The R&B track features a simple repetitive instrumental and prominent falsetto vocals. The lyrics are bursting with gratitude – with the singers vowing to do their bit to help their fans cope with challenges, recognising that the latter had done the same for them. Broadly, it touches on the desire to make the world better, ‘make it right.’ This best describes how this earth sign loves – quietly, sincerely, and with the promise of showing up when you need them.

Libra: Black Swan

Libras are known to be artistic and sensitive. Ruled by Venus, they have a keen eye for aesthetics and are perhaps the most creative of all signs. However, they also have the propensity to be consumed by their craft. And Black Swan explores this complex art-artist relationship. The track – with heavy trap beat and steady, almost whimsical instrumentals – has BTS touch upon the fact that despite their fame and numerous awards – the music is what feeds their soul. They grapple with the fear of losing this – later arriving to the conclusion that their art will live on through others. The message – despite the presence of darkness, there’s a way to be in harmony with the world. Libras – who consistently seek balance in their lives – will relate to this approach. Besides, only this air sign would truly be able to appreciate the absolute masterpiece that is the official video featuring the Slovenian MN Dance Company.

Scorpio: Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Scorpios are known to be romantic and mysterious. Those born under this sign aren’t afraid to delve into dark subjects. They’d relate to the tussle between dark and light in Blood, Sweat, and Tears. The track – with tropical house, dancehall, reggaeton, and trap touches – features emotional, breathy vocals and a catchy verse. The lyrics talk about temptation which can draw one into the darkness – ‘A secret just between the two of us. Deeply poisoned by the jail of you,’ the words note. This points to a certain intensity and depth of emotion that only a Scorpio would wholly embrace. That said, there’s an underlying optimism – especially in the official video – that displays one’s ability to use their wings to go far despite the draw of darkness – a powerful message that this water sign would appreciate.

Sagittarius: Permission To Dance

Sagittarius is known to be optimistic and free-spirited. Permission To Dance is the life of a party – just like them. The cheery pop bop with equally preppy lyrics and catchy beats is a hopeful summer anthem. It embraces happiness, urging listeners to do the same without shame, no matter the past circumstances. This was intended to bring hope and joy post the dread of the pandemic. It’s also got a bit of a rebellious, adventurous approach to things that this fire sign is known for as well. BTS claim they ‘can keep the fire alive,’ – a sentiment this fun-loving zodiac sign can truly get behind.

Capricorn: On

Capricorns are known to be pragmatic and hard working. Those born under this sign would relate to the grit and mettle of On. The high-energy, intense hip hop track with raw vocals and hypnotic chants in the background talks about the challenges society places on young people to excel. However, BTS has grown from these experiences, standing tall in the face of them to say ‘bring the pain on.’ – a relatable sentiment for this earth sign that does not let any hardship get in the way of their goals. That aside, BTS stresses on the importance of being humble regardless of popularity – something this zodiac sign is known for.

Aquarius: Dope

Aquarius are known to be intelligent and rebellious. They’d get behind the powerful message of Dope. The electronic hip-hop track with a catchy, wild hook and raw raps talks about the hypocrisy of a society that places impossible standards on its youth and doesn’t hesitate to tear them down before they reach it. “The media and grown-ups say we have no will, denouncing us, why are they killing us before we even try?,” RM demands. This air sign is known to be revolutionary and idealistic and hence the song would resonate with them. The beats conclude on a hopeful, determined note – with BTS urging listeners to stay on the right path and keep up the energy – a positive approach the Aquarius would choose to take on themselves.

Pisces: My Universe 

Pisces are known to be sensitive, imaginative, and romantic. Nothing describes their whimsical disposition like the breezy My Universe. The soulful track features a prominent bass line and synth – with strong, charismatic vocals and EDM influences. The message is quite straightforward – love transcends all boundaries, nationalities, races, and genders. BTS brings a certain tenderness to it all – a quality this zodiac sign both possesses and seeks in the people around them. The water sign is bound to be mesmerised by the dream-like production of the song. Not to mention, the romance of it all.

Which of these BTS tracks do you think does most justice to its corresponding zodiac sign?

All images: Courtesy BTS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What are the zodiac signs of BTS members?

Answer: RM and Jungkook are Virgos, Suga is a Piscean, Jin is a Sagittarian, Jimin is a Libran, Taehyung is a Capricorn, J-Hope is an Aquarian.

Question: What is the real zodiac sign of BTS Suga?

Answer: Suga is a Piscean.

Hit songs by K-pop kings BTS that best describe you, based on your zodiac sign

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