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Las Vegas to Paris: The ultimate international travel guide for summers as per zodiacs

Sunshine, clear skies, road trips and melting popsicles — just everything about summer tempts you to take a vacation. But did you know that your birth chart, also known as your astrological DNA or zodiac sign, indicates if you are inclined to travel a lot or not?

Your sun sign, according to the month you were born, would give you a general idea about the best destinations for you to visit. However, using this concept isn’t new, and it could be fun to know about the place which speaks to your soul, depending on whether you are a fiery Aries, a meticulous Virgo, an emotional Cancer or a dreamy Pisces. Let us dig deeper into the subject of zodiac travel.

Zodiac sign travel: How does it work?

zodiac travel
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There are 12 zodiac signs for every month of the year, but other than that, every person is governed by a moon and rising or ascendant sign. Knowing more about each sign gives additional insight into different facets of the individual, including their need and passion for travel.

The placements of constellations, stars and planets, according to a person’s birth chart, are taken into consideration to determine the best place for that individual to travel or move permanently for studies or work. Here is where your next trip should be, per your zodiac.

International destinations to travel based on zodiac signs

Aries — Las Vegas, US

las vegas
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The star sign of Aries, denoted by the ram, is fast, furious and extremely fiery. It is ruled by the red-hot planet of Mars, which denotes drive, excitement and passion. The Aries is a fearless traveller, always up for a new experience. Located in the desert of Nevada, Las Vegas is sure is a dream come true for an Arian who would love to drink, eat and gamble at the world’s biggest casinos located here. This fire sign will tap into its adventurous side on their trip to this exciting destination, which is also perhaps called the ‘world’s greatest party city’.

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Taurus — Tuscany, Italy

travel zodiac
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Taurus is denoted by a celestial bull. They are ruled by the planet of love and money, Venus, and they just love to spend their free time indulging in some luxurious self-care or having exotic food and pampering themselves to the fullest. One of the most beautiful places in Italy, Tuscany is also among the best places to experience the finer things of life. Everything from their impressive gastronomic scene and exquisite wines to art scream luxury. A Tuscan experience is well suited for a Taurean if they go by the zodiac sign’s logic for travelling.

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Gemini — Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel

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The air sign of Gemini is symbolised by the twins and is one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac. They are also dubbed as social butterflies among the 12 signs and generally have an insatiable curiosity which makes them travel far and wide. The twin cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are some of the best summer destinations for this sign because they have a beautiful blend of history, culture, modern dining and night scenes.

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Cancer — South of France

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Tranquil beaches, stunning landscapes and, of course, sparkling wines — the South of France holds a lot of allure to the emotional, reticent and intuitive Cancer, who also is an old-school romantic at heart. The water sign is denoted by the crab and ruled by the moon, which appeals to the inner consciousness of a person. They also love the idea of slow travel, as their idea of perfect travel is sipping some wine quietly at a sundowner at a nondescript and picturesque beach.

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Leo — Paris, France

Zodiac sign travel
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Leo symbolised by the lion is a fire sign denoted by the Sun. Energetic, effervescent, warm-hearted and generous, this zodiac sign lives by one rule — go big or go home. The romantic and historic city is timeless in its appeal and would surely inspire the bold and aristocratic Leo. From being a mecca of fashion to housing the world’s most celebrated restaurants, Beaux-Arts buildings and the Eiffel Tower, Paris truly is one of the greatest cities in the world — a place fit for a king and hence, perfect for a Leo.

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Virgo — Cape Town, South Africa

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Detail-oriented and a perfectionist in every sense, the earth sign of Virgo, denoted by The Virgin, is a bit difficult to please. They are ruled by the planet of communication Mercury, but they choose to practise self-reflection and internalise their thoughts rather than letting them all out. Whale watching, hiking and enjoying sunsets on its golden beaches, Cape Town offers a bouquet of experiences to the picky Virgo.

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Libra — Singapore

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Libra is an air sign denoted by a weighing scale. It strives for balance in every life situation, is ruled by the planet of love and money, Venus, and loves art and opulence in equal measures. If one closely observes a Libran personality, they love to hang out with their friends and family and are a delight in every conversation. The bustling city of Singapore perfectly attracts their vibe with its state-of-art buildings, vibrant food options, zoos and amusement parks.

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Scorpio — Bali, Indonesia

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Also known as the ‘Island of Gods’, there is a lot to explore in this touristy destination if one goes past the commercial spots. This is a perfect travel zodiac place for the true-blue Scorpio soul. As they would always let go of the obvious and dig deeper to explore uncharted territories. They are ruled by the planet Pluto and are perceived to be dark and mysterious. This water sign has the emotional depth to look right through one’s soul. Bali, with its rich heritage and exotic locations, will provide much-needed tranquillity to a Scorpio.

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Sagittarius — Buenos Aires, Argentina

Zodiac sign travel
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The last fire sign of the zodiac is also known as the ‘explorer’ or ‘adventurer’. Inherently passionate about travelling, Sagittarius gets bored sitting in one place and living a mundane life. Ruled by the planet of innovation, Jupiter, they love to go on expeditions and are not homebodies. Period.

A backpacking trip across this vibrant city would do Sagittarius a world of good. Summer beckons tango competitions, bustling nightlife and concerts that would appeal to the inherent traveller in a Sagittarius.

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Capricorn — Tokyo, Japan

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Steadfast, consistent and ambitious, the last earth sign of the zodiac loves their routine and would seldom take a vacation, but when they do, it needs to be legendary! This sign is ruled by the planet Saturn, which symbolises time and discipline. The structured, orderly, tech-friendly, advanced and futuristic city of Tokyo perfectly fits the bill to please this sign denoted by a mystical sea goat.

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Aquarius — Los Angeles, US

los angeles
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A humanitarian, a rebel and a philanthropist — one could use all of these adjectives to describe this air sign. They are governed by the planet Uranus, which seeks revolution. They are always in need of a cause and love to take up new projects. Los Angeles (LA) is a city where art meets new-age culture. LA has retained its old-world charm despite being modern.

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Pisces — Himalayas, India

Zodiac sign travel
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Dreamy and deeply spiritual, there is no better zodiac travel destination than the gigantic snow-capped Himalayas for this water sign. Perceptive and intuitive, all these water babies need is an oasis to meditate and a peaceful environment to retreat into, away from reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Why should one travel according to the zodiac signs?

Answer: The placements of constellations, stars and planets, according to a person’s birth chart are taken into consideration to determine the best place for that individual to travel or move permanently for studies or work.

Question: Which zodiac signs are more likely to go abroad?

Answer: Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn are more motivated to move abroad as per zodiac.

Question: What indicates foreign travel in astrology?

Answer: Placement of Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Moon in person's birth chart determines foreign travel. Also, Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn are moveable signs of the zodiac which mean that they are more inclined to go abroad.

Question: Which zodiac signs are more likely to stay at home?

Answer: Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio and Taurus zodiac signs love to stay at home.

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