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International Women’s Day: Channel your inner goddess according to your Zodiac

Every woman is a goddess. This is a fact all the sages of ancient times have known. After all, all women have the power to not only bring life to earth but also possess an intimate connection to nature, the elements of fire, earth, air, and water, as well as, to the realms of magic itself. After all, a man just gives his seed, but a woman turns it into life itself. Thus before patriarchy took over the world, all civilisations were goddess centric matriarchies that were in harmony with the forces of the heavens above and the earth below. And so know how to channel your inner goddess as per your zodiac!

This Women’s Day, channel your inner goddess as per your zodiac

Aries – Athena

Athena is the Greek Goddess of war. However, unlike her divine sibling Ares, whose rule focuses more on the violent aspects of it, Athena is more the divine strategist. She is, after all, the goddess of Wisdom. Athena was worshipped by armies before heading into wars. Whoever offered the greatest prayers and sacrifices to her, were blessed to go on to win. Athena was ever protective of her favourite heroes – namely Odysseus, Perseus, Bellerophon, Jason, Cadmus, Argus, and of course, Heracles while he was in his human form. Athena was also the patroness of handicrafts – some claim she inspired the inventors of the war chariot, as well as, battleships.

Athena reminds Aries to honour the strength of their divine feminine selves. After all, this is why Aries women (of birth and gender identity) will never back down from a fight and blesses them with the strength to always stand up against the oppressive force of patriarchy. After all, some of the most powerful forces of the feminist movement have been Aries women – namely: Gloria Steinem, who became the spokesperson for the American Feminist movement in the ’60s and ’70s. Not to mention Sandra Day O’Connor, who made history as the first female justice to serve on the US Supreme Court. The best way to honour your connection with Goddess Athena is to forever put your passions, your mission, and your worth above all else. Honour your individuality and never ever diminish yourself – especially to keep a man happy.

Taurus – Lakshmi

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and good fortune, along with beauty, prosperity, fertility, and the power that comes from being secure within your body and being. Along with Parvati and Saraswati, she forms the ‘Tridevi’ (triple goddess trine) of Hinduism. Lakshmi is a goddess that defines the phrase ‘earning respect’. Known to be fickle, she only blesses those that respect not only money but also women. She visits her devotees at night, riding on her divine owl, Uluka, which represents the wisdom of handling money. After all, some of the most financially prosperous people are known to grow their assets even whilst they sleep.

However, Lakshmi reminds Taurus women (of birth and gender identity) that true wealth is not in sheer materialism. Material wealth means nothing if you’re not secure on the ground you stand upon. She encourages us to learn the art of not just earning money, but also, managing it, investing and budgeting it, and most importantly, spending it. Money is just energy. Wealth, however, is the wisdom of harnessing that energy, and the power of being secure on your own two feet – never being dependant on anyone else. This is why Taurus is the strongest sign of the zodiac, with a will that can make even a diamond shatter. Lakshmi also wants Taurus to own take care of their bodies, and treat it like a temple. After all, beauty is power, especially when it comes from a healthy place. Health is, after all, wealth!

Gemini – Eris

Eris is known as the goddess of strife and discord. However, once we remove the patriarchal lens from which she is often viewed, we realise she truly is a goddess of chaos. Chaos is a powerfully magical force that follows no rules – that of man, or god, or time itself. Eris is the goddess who knows how to ‘stir shit up’ and enjoys every minute of it – perfectly explaining Gemini’s love for drama. And let’s face it, life is chaos. Men strive to bring order to the world by building laws and tenets for people to abide by, policing our individuality, as well as, making life difficult for those who don’t abide by it. Eris comes in to remind them that no matter what they do, there will always be a powerful ‘chaotic’ divine feminine force that will make patriarchy’s mightiest structures crumble and fall, and all that remains shall be dust.

Eris is here to bless Gemini women (of birth and gender identity) with the ability to embrace their inner chaotic energy and not be limited in any which way. Her greatest gift to Gemini is the ability to adapt and move on to any and every situation, with minimal damage along the way. The ability to seek thrills (cheap and not so cheap ones) and chase every whim and fancy, with the ability to not get so deep that they sink. Eris will always help Gemini not just survive, but also have fun whilst flirting with danger. Honour Eris by honouring your individuality. Explore all horizons, and follow all pursuits without worrying about what others may think. Own your ‘chaotic’ multitalented abilities. Roll your eyes and move on when jealous people accuse you of being a jack of all trades and a master of none. When the time is right, you’ll show them what a true mistress of chaos energy you are. They’ll remember it eternally!

Cancer – Luna

Luna is the Roman Goddess of the Moon who rides a two-horsed silver chariot called Biga across the night skies. With a crescent moon as her crown, she’s often called the ‘two-horned queen of the stars’, and her dominion covers not only all that happens under the night sky but also, all that happens in the depths of the human mind. This is why when we lose control of our minds and our emotional well-being, we enter into a state of ‘lunacy’. Controlling the tides of the ocean, the cycles of the body, and the potency of the earth itself, Luna is often considered a powerful figure that commands over the realms of birth and death as well. This is why her changing face was often used by sages to depict not just world events, but also the ideal time to plant seeds, harvest crops, and in some cases, even when to invade countries or even get a hair cut (when you wish to grow your hair longer, trim it when Luna is new. When you wish for it to grow thicker but slower, trim it when Luna is full. Touch a blade when she’s waning, and your hair shall fall fast and shall be frail).

Luna blesses Cancer women (of birth and gender identity) with a powerful connection to the moon. If they follow the lunar cycles, not only will they be able to master their emotional states, they’ll find it oh so easier to flow through life. Oftentimes, drinking water from silver glasses has been said to have powerful healing effects not only on the body but also on the mind – keeping melancholia at bay. Cancer women will always find success in all realms of the home and their enterprise if they plan their schedules according to the phases of the moon, as profits shall only rise as powerful portals of abundance are opened. Honour Luna by meditating during full, as well as, new moons. The former will enable you to become stronger in body and mind. The latter will help battle demons (outer and inner) and enable you to reveal divine sources of creativity and magic itself.

Leo – Sekhmet

The lioness of Egypt, Sekhmet is the daughter of the Sun God Ra and is the goddess of war, healing, as well as, protection in life, as well as, in death. Known to breathe fire, and blow hot winds that caused storms within the desert, Sekhmet was believed to cause plagues, as well as, had the power to ward off disease. Like the sun that can burn us, or replenish us with warmth and much-needed vitamin D, Sekhmet can destroy us with a single gaze of her eye, or empower us to live a vibrant and healthy life. When she’s in our lives, she can uplift us to become mightier than the most powerful pharaohs. When she exits, we fall to our deepest depths of darkness, forever praying that she returns like the morning sun to bring light back into our lives.

Sekhmet blesses Leo women (of birth and gender identity) with the power to shine brightly like the glorious Sun and illuminate the lives of lesser mortals they gaze upon. A Leo woman possesses such power that even a trifle gesture that’s forgettable to her can affect the greater cosmos that surrounds her. Honour Sekhmet by honouring your own divinity. Realise the great power of the sun that you possess, and know when to use it to heal and when to burn. Most of all, the best way to pay tribute to Sekhmet is to have a good time. After all, Sekhmet is the party goddess and was famous to let out mighty roars after one drink too many. Her festival was known as ‘the festival of intoxication’, where inhibitions were stripped away and the true fierce power was let loose freely. Patriarchy is far too scared of a woman who isn’t afraid to unleash the full extent of the power. Toy with their fear unapologetically.

Virgo – Inanna

Inanna is no virgin, and neither is Virgo! Patriarchy views a woman’s worth by her chastity, but the Goddess knows that a woman’s power comes from owning and taking responsibility for her sexuality – and overall life itself. Inanna is the Mesopotamian Goddess associated with love, beauty, war, justice, political power, and yes, fertility. Known as, “The Queen of Heaven”, Inanna was one of the only deities who could descend into the underworld, and return unharmed without a scratch in spite of undergoing hellish levels of torture – including having her corpse hung from a hook. Her love and devotion know no bounds, but at the same time, she remains a queen in her own right.

Inanna is here to bless Virgo women (of birth and gender identity) to own their womanhood with pride. Inanna blesses Virgo with the ability to remain unscathed through the best and worst times in life. All they have to do is never compromise our independence and identity – especially for the sake of a man. Be generous and compassionate for sure – but make sure that your own needs are being fulfilled while your voice is being heard. Inanna blesses Virgo with incredible talents in many areas of life – some of which have nothing to do with the other. It is her way of reminding Virgo of their ability to not just successfully adapt to any and every situation, but to remain forever self-sufficient depending on no one. The ‘Virgin’ tag has nothing to do with chastity. It’s more about being so independent that you don’t really need a man to define you.

Libra – Aphrodite

Aphrodite is perhaps as notorious for her beauty as she is famous. Born from the foams of the sea that were mixed with the severed parts of Heaven itself, she emerged out of a shell on the shores of Cyprus, the Greeks worship her as the ultimate Goddess of love, lust, beauty, passion, pleasure, fertility, and surprisingly – war itself. She was, after all, the reason the Trojan war began. Jealous and vain to an unapologetic degree, Aphrodite has a surprising streak of fairness which one can only appreciate when looked at from a larger perspective. After all, all is fair in love and in war. This is why she is often connected with divine Justice herself. For some it may seem strange how can a fickle goddess represent fairness and justice. Aphrodite, however, considers it part of the beauty and multidimensional powers that come with being a woman.

Aphrodite blesses Libra women (of birth and gender identity) to own their femininity and harness its powers freely. Whether it’s in the boardroom, the bedroom, or the battlefield, Libra has Aphrodite’s blessings to charm and bewitch even the most staunch enemy or rival. Aphrodite gives Libra the ability to see situations from various points of view, giving them the ability to empathise yet strategise wisely. Aphrodite is no stranger to throwing shade, but she does it in such a way that it can come across as a compliment. This symbolises Libra’s natural diplomacy, which unfortunately gets a little skewered, owing to Aphrodite’s fickleness. However, she does help Libra smile their way out of things. Honour Aphrodite by honouring your beauty – inner and outer. Beauty is strength, beauty is power, and beauty is magic that can be used to empower. Use it wisely to earn the protection of Aphrodite.

Scorpio – Kali

inner goddess zodiac

Kali is the Goddess of Time, Change, Creation, Destruction, Transformation, and Power. She is the ultimate manifestation of Shakti – the supreme divine goddess – and is the mother of all living beings. She is the embodiment of fierceness in its most unapologetic form. Many are frightened of her, as they should be because Kali feeds off the blood of the sinful – especially those who harm women. However, those who are pure of heart and brave of spirit are never scared of her, for they see her as the benevolent omniscient mother who will love and protect them without seeking anything in return. Those who give her their complete heart’s trust and devotion are said to remain unaffected through even the worst calamities, enabling them to float through life without being affected by even hellish catastrophes.

Kali blesses Scorpio women (of birth and gender identity) with so much power that not even the fires of hell nor the pleasures of heaven will deter them from their mission. Kali gives every Scorpio the power of transformative rebirths, enabling them to reinvent themselves and become successful in their chosen paths, without being enslaved by the past – especially men from the past. Kali wants us to remember that the past doesn’t define us. It’s just a part of our journey. Neither is our future defined or limited, for we have it in our hands the change it with every single breath. Honour Kali by remembering that you have nothing to fear in life. Fear is just an illusionary expression that has been enforced upon us so that we forget our own inner divinity. Give all your fears, apprehensions, worries, and insecurities to Kali. Trust her completely, and head out in life – conquering the world around you and within you!

Sagittarius – Diana

Diana is the goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, animals, the moon, and adventure. The Ancient Romans valued her open heart and free spirit and appreciated the fact that Diana rarely meddled in their lives, unlike other gods who couldn’t help themselves. Diana preferred the forests and jungles and found solace with animals of all sorts. After all, animals are the purest of heart and never lie, cheat, and deceive with malicious intentions – humans do it oh so easily. Diana was also the most powerful archer, with the power to shoot her arrows with a divine precision that would make mortal heroes and gods quiver with amazement. Diana also rules magic – magic that comes from understanding our divine connection with nature and the various phases of the moon. Diana is bound to no one and is free to be herself unapologetically. It’s no wonder that Wonder Woman herself is named, ‘Diana’.

Diana blesses Sagittarius women (of birth and gender identity) with the power of aiming high and achieving their dreams. She gives us the freedom to ‘hunt’ for what we want and takes it without any hesitation. She feeds our soul with the thirst for adventure and the courage to escape from the isolating four walls of domesticity so that we may explore the world without any hesitation. Diana is honoured best when we speak the truth and uplift our fellow beings – especially in the face of patriarchal opposition. Look at fellow Sagittarius Jane Fonda, who well into her eighties is an ardent advocate of many causes – and looks fabulous while speaking her truth and standing up against injustice. Honour Diana by taking a journey to places you’ve never been before – especially those within you. Raising animals and connecting with nature will help you tap into the magical powers that Diana has to offer!

Capricorn – Parvati

inner goddess zodiac

Parvati is the goddess of power, nourishment, harmony, devotion, and motherhood. Daughter of the mountains, Parvati is the embodiment of Shakti in her most benevolent form. However, do not mistake benevolence for meekness. Such is the power of Parvati’s will that she devoted herself to love the great Lord Shiva, who spent aeons lost away in his meditative state. Upon feeling the intense power of her love, he awoke and was so taken aback that he

couldn’t help but love her. Parvati was the only one to turn the great ascetic Shiva and turn him into the handsome householder, Shankara – all because of the strength of her will and her power to love. She feeds all inhabitants of Mount Kailasa as Annapurna. She fights all battles as the mighty Durga. Her beauty is unmatched as Lalita’s. And she strikes fear when crossed as Dhumavati.

Parvati blesses Capricorn women (of birth and gender identity) with the strength, will, and patience of the mighty Himalayan mountains. After all Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the lord of Karma and ‘I told you so’. Only Capricorn has the sheer power to not only survive Saturn’s icy rulership but the ability to receive mighty rewards for doing so. That’s all because of Parvati’s blessings. Her fearlessness would cause her not only to battle mighty demons but also stand up to Lord Shiva whenever he made a faux-pas courtesy of his ‘Bhole Nath’ aspect. Legend has it that Shiva always ensured Parvati’s needs were met before his or anyone else’s. That’s because Parvati protected Shiva by tying Vasuki around his neck – protecting him from dying due to consuming the mighty venom that poured out during the churning of the oceans. Honour Parvati by honouring your true might. Play out every role you have to in life with sheer pride and respect those relationships without compromising your own integrity. You have the power to turn anyone who loves you into a god himself. That’s the power of Capricorn’s divine feminine energy! Make sure he treats you as the Goddess you are!

Aquarius – Saraswati

Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge, wisdom, learning, and all forms of art – both classical and modern. Though patriarchy likes to pair her off with Brahma, Saraswati was never really his – nor anyone’s for that matter. She was fiercely rebellious and independent and often challenged the authority and might of the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva – and even refused to bear children and lead a life of basic domesticity. She knows that the true power in the world is knowledge, and the ability to use that knowledge to live an empowered and self-sufficient life is wisdom. She doesn’t beat around the bush, nor does she have the time and patience for displays of toxic machismo or feminine wiles. As the old adage goes – chase Lakshmi (wealth) and she’ll run away, but chase Saraswati, and Lakshmi will run after you.

Saraswati blesses Aquarius women (of birth and gender identity) with one of the most powerful minds ever. Where most people stop thinking, Aquarius starts. A mind that’s keen to learn and explore, and indulging in various deep dives in subjects most people find mystifying and downright scary. Saraswati helps Aquarius see through the illusion of class and caste divisions, and explore humanity as a whole. The bigger picture is Aquarius’ point of view, and oftentimes through Saraswati, Aquarius remains steadfastly independent, refusing to follow social norms and myopic gender biases. Honour Saraswati by educating yourself constantly. Learning is the best way to evolve, and do not worry about the ‘profitability’ of what you learn. All knowledge leads to wisdom, and wealth will follow those who pursue knowledge and honour its power to liberate the mind, body, and soul from the darkness of ignorance.

Pisces – Ganga

inner goddess zodiac

Ganga is the goddess of forgiveness. A personification of the river Ganges, Ganga is seen as the mother of humanity, and the bringer of moksha – spiritual liberation. This is why Pilgrims immerse the ashes of their deceased kith and kin into the river, praying for their sins to be forgiven and for their souls to escape the cycles of karma and samsara. In fact, even the living can immerse themselves in her mighty waters and have their sins washed away, cleansing their souls for a fresh start in life. This is why Ganga forgives anyone and everyone who comes in contact with her. She knows that their sins are merely material illusions, and she can see their true selves for what they are. Hence she’s also seen as a compassionate mother goddess.

Ganga blesses Pisces women (of birth and gender identity) to have the compassion of a saint and the divine power to forgive. Perhaps this is why many astrologers refer to Pisces as the ‘dustbin of the zodiac’, because not only does everyone dump their issues onto them, but they also have lived countless lifetimes through all the other signs before they reached their birth in Pisces. Honour Ganga by practising the art of forgiveness actively within your life – especially with yourself. Doing so will strengthen your ability to detach and move on from toxic elements and relationships. A powerful cleansing ritual that you can easily do at home is to imagine pure white light coming out of your shower when it’s on. Intend with your mind that each drop is washing away negativity attached to my aura, my body, and my spirit and is protecting me from harmful thoughts and intentions of myself and others. Regular practice will make every shower become a magical protection ritual.

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International Women’s Day: Channel your inner goddess according to your Zodiac

Zorian Cross specialises in eastern and western schools of mysticism and philosophy, and over the past 15 years, has established himself as a respected tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, and psychic channel. Also a certified ashtanga/vinyasa yoga instructor and a multi-award-winning theatre artiste, Cross’ 2019 TEDX Talk focused on how the transformative power of pain, when channelled through art, can make the world a better place. Follow him on Instagram: @ajnajog

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