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5 of the best floral fragrances for men to wear this spring

Floral fragrances can be gender-neutral too.

Brands across industries are moving on from gender stereotypes. Cover Girl roped in influencer James Charles as its first male spokesperson and designers like Chelsea Bravo and Rad Hourani launched gender-neutral collections. And some famous men are equally doing their part. Singer Harry Styles recently wore a dress for a magazine cover to much praise. So, it is not surprising that perfume labels are part of this change too. While strong, musky and leathery fragrances are aplenty, there are some with light and flowery notes.

We round up five perfumes to put on your must-buy list if you are looking to try something new.

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With iris at its heart note, this classic from Dior is for men who like floral scents but are not ready to completely commit to them. From base notes of exotic Tahitian vanilla and leather, mid-notes of spicy cardamom, amber and cacao to top notes of sage, bergamot and lavender, the flowery scent is notable but not overpowering. The sleek glass bottle is designed to look like a suit.

RM320 (50ml) ; RM435 (100ml)

Added in Le Labo’s 2020 city-exclusive line of perfumes, this particular fragrance has spring/summer written all over it. Dedicated to the city of Seoul, the refreshing scent consists of notes of lemon, jasmine, cedar, ginger and musk. A spritz or two of this will leave you feeling ready to take on the day. Though the products of this exclusive launch are available only in the city they are set in, once a year (September only), you can buy these online and in stores around the world.

Bulgarian Damask rose and Centifolia rose from Grasse form the heart note of this perfume by Francis Kurkdjian — based on his ‘free interpretation of a rose for men.’ Its grapefruit accord is accompanied by notes of sage, wood and amber. Treat yourself to a bottle of this bold and fresh fragrance that breaks away from the generalisation of rose flower notes being a symbol of femininity.


This one is a part of Privé’s ‘La Collection des Terres Prècieuses’ and an ode to the energy and contrasts of Giorgio Armani’s travels through Russia. This boldly floral scent is infused with white lily at the heart, along with sambac jasmine, ylang ylang and bitter orange notes. A perfect fragrance for spring, Armani chose a green malachite stone for the bottle because it is organic and a symbol personifying nature.


If you are going for something exotic and full of mystery, Carnal Flower from Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle is a perfect choice. The perfume contains ‘by far the highest concentration of natural tuberose in the perfume industry.’ Native to Mexico, the flower was once known to be a symbol of forbidden pleasure that had a sensuous effect on women. Other notes in the scent include bergamot, melon, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, jasmine, coconut and orange blossom.


Be the epitome of charm with a slight spray of the K range by Dolce & Gabbana. Topped with the citrus fragrance of Sicilian lemon with amber notes of geranium and clary sage, the scent of K adds a regal effect to your personality. At its base, you can catch a whiff of the warm, woody essence of cedar and patchouli. All in all, this eau de toilette symbolises royalty with a touch of modern day simplicity.

Embrace the mystic aura of rustic woods with Acqua Di Gio curated by Georgio Armani. The fragrance exudes a sensual flavour to compliment masculine elegance. The scent opens with a marine accent, accentuated by the musky whiff of labdanum at its heart. Patchouli balances all the accords with its woody aroma at the base.

Make a unique statement by indulging in the raw essence of the Reine De Nuit crafted by Byredo. Especially designed to flourish in the twilight hours, this floral ensemble opens with an intense sweetness lent by the blend of blackcurrant and saffron. To suit these mellow notes, incense and rose essence dominate at the heart. Finally, the men’s fragrance is locked by earthy accents of patchouli and ambrette seeds at the base.

The Ombre De Leather by Tom Ford is sure to transport you to the sweeping, dusty terrains of the American Southwest. Subtle to your senses, this mild fragrance is topped with vetiver and patchouli. The dominating notes are lent by jasmine sambac that’ll remind you of the wild beauty of a desert. The base is layered with amber accents to resemble the heat emanated by sand and rocks.

A mellow eau de toilette, the EDT Intense from Givenchy’s Gentleman collection is a head turner. The floral essence of this scent permeates all senses to make you smell as fresh as a garden. The top notes are a spicy fusion of basil, cardamom and bergamot while blue iris extends a crispy flavour to form the heart notes. At its base, cedarwood offers a powerful and warm contrast. Don this unique concoction to stand out in confidence while reflecting a generous humility.

Montblanc brings forth an exotic eau de parfum through its collection titled Legend. This fragrance is particularly recommended for the active and sporty lot. Floral extracts from violet leaves and magnolia at the top are highlighted by the vibrant aroma of leather and woody accord. Reveal an unassuming sophistication and elegance and wear this iconic fragrance made for the modern man.

As the name suggests, Maison Margiela’s Whispers in the Library from the Replica collection will take you back to a quiet afternoon surrounded by books in a library. The mellow aroma of orange flower petals and cedarwood, combined with the sweet essence of vanilla, tonka beans and patchouli lend a pensive vibe to the colognes fragrance. The mix of earthy and floral accents gives it a unique touch, making the wearer stand out by smelling like spring always.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do floral fragrances suit men?

Floral fragrances can suit anybody, provided you know how to carry yourself. You don’t necessarily have to assign a floral fragrance to a particular gender or community.

How to choose floral fragrances for men?

Before choosing any fragrance, make sure you understand the notes—top notes, middle notes and base notes—and accordingly decide what you prefer. The most preferred floral notes by men include flowers like rose, geranium, violet, jasmine, lilac, carnation and lavender. But you can always experiment and pick something out of the box like a citrus flavour or a spicy black pepper one.

Do floral fragrances last long?

Floral fragrances, being light and subtle, do not last as long as scents with a musky or woody accent. You may reapply florals every few hours if you need to be out for the whole day.

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