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3 quick ways to fix your hair instantly

Frizzy or flat hair by mid day? Never heard of it.

It’s a normal routine — you wake up, get dressed, set your hair and makeup with hopes that it’ll last throughout the day. Well sometimes it does, but sometimes it doesn’t. Even with proper products and tools, your makeup and hair may go out of place due to many reasons. When it comes to hair, you’ll often find it to be either limp, oily or frizzy by mid day and that’s not exactly the best sight if you’re meeting people virtually or face-to-face.

Mid-day hair problems are mainly caused by weather conditions. Is the weather too hot? Or cold? Did it rain recently and caused the weather to be extra humid? The type of products you use in the morning affects your hair condition as well. For example, if you were to apply too much leave-on oil or serum in the morning, it may look great at first but it weighs the hair down as time goes by; resulting in oily locks. These factors could easily affect your hair’s condition, to what we call as ‘mid-day hair problems’ — from bouncy and voluminous to limp, or silky smooth to frizzy.

This can happen anywhere at any time of the day; right before your next appointment or even as soon as you step out of the door. The quickest solution may seem to be restyling it with hopes that it’ll look decent, but that would completely erase your efforts of looking great for your meetings. What you need is quick and efficient products to get your hair back on track and we know the solution.

The latest Pantene Miracles Treatment Collection is meant for situations like these. The collection has the best solutions for mid-day hair concerns presented above. The Pantene Miracles Glossy Shake Aqua OilPantene Miracles Smooth Jelly Balm and Pantene Miracles Volume Dry Shampoo are designed to give instant hair transformations even when you’re out and about. It’s portable, designed to be compact enough to be carried everywhere you go so you can have fresh-looking hair at any time of the day.

Pantene Miracles Treatment Collection can be used on any occasion, especially on mid-day hair concerns commonly faced by women. That includes unruly, flyaway and flat or limp hair. It may seem like all hope is lost, but not to fear as we have the best solutions at hand for you.

Unruly hair

It’s hard to tame the mane sometimes, even with the right products. Unruly hair can be caused by both external and internal factors. This may be a hard one to tackle but your hair will be smooth and silky when you follow these solutions.

  1. As heat is not exactly your good friend, try to avoid it whether it is from the shower temperature or styling tools. Try heat-free styling tips like braiding your hair to sleep for bouncy curls the next day!
  2. A scheduled haircut would also help get rid of the frizziness. This is to trim away any dry ends or opened hair cuticles that is keeping your hair frizzy and unruly.
  3. Keep that hair conditioned constantly throughout the day by applying a nourishing oil. The Pantene Miracles Glossy Shake Aqua Oil has an innovative light dual-phase oil that gives the best results. Apply it anytime as it doesn’t weigh down your hair. Just watch as your hair transform from unruly to glossy, cashmere hair instantly as you run it through your locks.

Flyaway hair

Strands may be smooth and straight, but flyaways can still happen. These little strands may pop out due to product build up, humidity or if you have dry ends — at most times, it’s unavoidable.

  1. To tame those pesky strands, switch your shampoo and conditioner to a frizz-fighting one.
  2. Do you know towel-drying your hair may be harmful to your strands as well? The material tends to be a little harsh on your hair, that may cause breakage and frizziness if used vigorously. Swap it with a towel that’s meant for drying hair or even a t-shirt that won’t damage your hair.
  3. Another method is to use a balm that’s able to turn flyaway to manageable hair easily, like Pantene Miracles Smooth Jelly Balm. This balm can instantly fix your flyaway situation anywhere as it comes in a portable-sized bottle. Better yet, it doesn’t feel sticky after application, unlike other hair balms in the market.

Flat hair

Flat, oily and limp hair may be one of the most common mid-day hair concern women (and men) face. As the hours go by, you can feel your hair, especially on the scalp, becomes heavier. Grease and oil start forming on the scalp and these weigh down the hair, causing it to look very limp. Common causes include humidity, stress, diet and also wrong usage of products. Washing your hair immediately may seem like the best solution — but if you’re out and about, it’s not going to be useful at all.

  1. Style your hair by wearing a headband to cover the front of your scalp (which is the most noticeable when it’s oily).
  2. Dry shampoos work best in these situations. Try Pantene Miracles Volume Dry Shampoo that instantly refreshes the scalp and absorbs excess oil. It doesn’t leave any white residue like most dry shampoo does and also non-scented. You’ll feel as if your hair has just been washed, without being in the shower — leaving you feeling so much better and more confident afterwards.

Find out more about the new Pantene Miracles Treatement Collection below. Now available at all Watsons and Guardian outlets and online, Lazada and Shopee.

This is the first-ever innovative dual treatment with oil and toner from Pantene. Glossy Shake Aqua Oil is infused with Pro-Vitamin formula with premium beauty essence that helps maintain your hair’s protein levels and gives it that natural shine. It’s very lightweight, making it suitable to be applied anytime without making it sticky. It’ll reduce any frizziness that may appear at any time of the day with just a single application so you can watch your hair go from unruly to silky smooth right before your meeting.


It’s not wax, but it’s not a gel either. Pantene Miracles Smooth Jelly Balm uses a non-sticky formulation, with a jiggly jelly type balm that’s made out of Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin formula with added premium essence. You can easily tame those frizzy and flyaway strands down with just a swipe of this. One pump of the product is all you need for manageable hair! This hair product is also fragrant, with notes of freshly picked peaches and jasmine so your hair does not only look great but smell amazing as well.


When your hair is looking a little limp and oily, that’s when Pantene Miracles Volume Dry Shampoo comes to the rescue. Watch as your hair instantly lifts with this first-ever rinse-free shampoo from Pantene. You’ll still be able to get the ‘washed hair’ experience without actually washing your hair. This dry shampoo is compact-sized that’s perfect to be used anywhere at any time. Just section your hair and spray the product onto your scalp. It instantly revamps flat sticky hair into free-flowing airy hair.

3 quick ways to fix your hair instantly

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