You can now protect your hair from hot styling tools, thanks to Pantene Miracles.

After countless of hair dyes and styling sessions — it’s time to tame those pesky, troubled and dry strands to rest with one powerful haircare series. Pantene launches a brand new range, called Pantene Miracles. Its line of products contains one of the most nourishing and moisturising formulas in the market, guaranteed to not only give you silky results but cashmere-smooth hair.

In its powerful formula is Pantene’s key ingredient, a luxurious high-grade beauty essence called ‘Liposhot’. It’s the first for the brand to infuse such special essence to replenish weakened hair. That’s not all — there is also 10x Potent Pro-V Formula that nourishes your hair with 10 times more Pro-vitamin B5, that is known to be ultra-hydrating. Freshly picked apples and rose scents are added to give you the ultimate spa-like experience during the hair care process.

There are currently seven products in the Pantene Miracles line, comprising Pantene Pro-V Miracles Vita Fusion Dual-Active Oil Serum, Vita Fusion Energy Day Mist, Crystal Smooth Shampoo and Treatment, and more. You can easily incorporate them into your routine for the highly desired soft and silky hair.

Pantene and local beauty brand, Wunderbath.Co has specially curated a pamper package.

Sounds like a miracle? It truly is. Just follow these simple tricks and tips and you’ll be on your way to cashmere-smooth hair.

Pantene Miracles haircare series is available in Watsons, both online and in-stores nationwide.

Wash your troubles away

And by that, we mean the pollution, dust, dirty particles from the environment, oil and sebum — these are counted as troubles too right? Pantene Miracles’ Shampoo Rich Moisture is a non-silicone, non-paraben and non-colourant shampoo.

Pantene Pro-V Miracles Rich Moisture Shampoo

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Hang on, remember to apply treatment

Don’t leave the shower just yet. Amp up the moisture levels even more with Pantene Pro-V Miracles Rich Moisture Treatment. The driest and even the most unruly hair will be tamed with this additional treatment step. It intensely moisturises and repairs each hair strand so you’ll be walking out of the bathroom with silky locks.

Pantene Pro-V Miracles Rich Moisture Treatment



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Right before you dry them up

Apply Pantene Pro-V Miracles Vita Fusion Energy Day Mist before any heat goes onto your hair. The mist transforms your hair from frizzy to manageable locks with just a single application. It also protects your strands from the heat, dehydration and UV damage.

Pantene Pro-V Miracles Vita Fusion Energy Day Mist

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For the finishing touches

It’s not just a hair serum or an oil — it’s both. The first of a new generation of oil serum that combines both the benefits of nourishing oil and hydrating serum. The Pantene Pro-V Miracles Vita-Fusion Dual-Active Oil Serum contains two chambers; one filled with Aqua Serum, a potent pro-vitamin formula that penetrates deep into the hair core, and the Jewel Oil that coats the hair fiber to lock in moisture and add shine that lasts all day.

Pantene Pro-V Miracles Vita-Fusion Dual-Active Oil Serum

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Wake up with beautiful hair, all over again

Lucious and cashmere-soft hair doesn’t end there. While you sleep at night, the Pantene Pro-V Miracles Vita Fusion Replenishing Overnight Milk works hard at restoring your hair to its former glory, or even better. It deeply repairs severely rough, dry, or frizzy hair so you’ll wake up with smooth, silky strands. Just apply on towel-dried hair and dry your hair as usual.

Pantene Pro-V Miracles Vita Fusion Replenishing Overnight Milk

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