If summer scents are all about bright and refreshing scents, its time to stock up your fragrance collection with warm notes of spices, cinnamon, wood and leather with the autumn’s latest releases. No, you don’t have to switch up your choice of perfume every other season — classic men’s fragrances work all year-round but you don’t want to smell the same all the time.

With muskier and warmer fragrances, it is important to know that how it smells in the bottle is not how it will be once it meets your skin. When it reacts with your body heat, the scent can go both ways — either extremely pleasant and comfortable or excruciatingly smoky and leather, or too strong for your liking.

If you’ve been spritzing the same fragrance you had for the longest time, gents, it’s time to try something new. Here, we help you narrow down to these six best Fall/Winter fragrances before you try them out.

Carolina Herrera Bad Boy

On the nose: The top notes are citrusy and fresh thanks to the spiciness of red and white pepper, as well as Italian bergamot. It develops a slight sweet aroma of cocoa and tonic beans that results in a sensual finish.

Why get this: Really, the lightning shape of the Bad Boy is a keeper — makes for a great item for your collection. Fragrance-wise, it is a great choice for going out at night especially to outdoorsy events.

Versace ‘Eros’ Flame

On the nose: It starts with refreshing and awakening citrusy scents of lemon, tangerine and bitter orange; then slowly develops into darker notes of wild rosemary and pepperwood with a sensual patchouli and vetiver finish.

Why get this: For something not overbearing but super distinctive, this fragrance can turn heads on your night out.

Hermés Terre D’Hermés

On the nose: Close your eyes and this cologne will bring you to the bright blue waters of the French Riviera with its mineral and green notes.

Why get this: If you’re an outgoing and always on the go, this scent complements your active lifestyle with its citrusy and earthy tones — leaving you feeling great about yourself all day.

Paco Rabanne Million X Pac-Man

On the nose: Starting with a sweet and spicy aroma, the Million intoxicates with deep hints of spiced leather to give a masculine scent but not too overwhelming.

Why get this: This is a collectors’ item that you’d want to keep even after finishing the perfume. This fragrance is energetic and playful, which makes the Million a great scent to carry from day to night.

Christian Dior Spice Blend

On the nose: A whiff of aromatic-spicy scent intensifies into a fresh yet slightly fiery sweet finish which gives out an exquisite mix of warmth and lightness.

Why get this: This is a unisex fragrance that you can share with your significant other without feeling overly feminine or extra masculine thanks to its multitude of lively and uplifting notes of spices, fruit and vanilla.

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio ‘Profumo’

On the nose: Intense without being too much, accents of bergamot, ginger, patchouli and sage give out fresh top notes that ends with a slight musk and vanilla finish thanks to cashmere wood.

Why get this: If you’ve been a fan of Acqua di Gio in the past, this latest scent is definitely something that’ll continue to give you the intensity that you want.

Martin Teo
Content Editor
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