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Beat cabin fever with this TikTok-inspired 2-minute French manicure

Ease your cabin fever with this TikTok-inspired 2-minute French manicure.

Creating the perfect French manicure is an art in and of itself… and one that not very many people have mastered. If you’re not skilled with your hands, and you don’t have time to go to the salon, Tiktokers have a tip that should make your life easier, and allow you to display a flawless French manicure zero in nearly any circumstance.

Having beautiful nails is essential — and we’re hardly exaggerating! Not only does it allow you not to look sloppy, but manicures are now considered genuine fashion accessories that accompany — and enhance — a look, according to various tastes and moods. And when it comes to the world of nails, the French manicure still counts numerous fans in the world. However mastering the technique of a French manicure is much less obvious. Fortunately, TikTokers aren’t lacking in ideas — and originality — to make our beauty routine easier. How did we ever do anything before!?

A manicure without mistakes or mess

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The French manicure is ultra popular on TikTok, accumulating no less than 35 million views for the hashtag #frenchmanicure alone, keeping in mind that variations on the hashtag are numerous. As a result, beauty tips on the subject have multiplied in recent months to allow nearly anyone to achieve the technique to perfection — and without wasting time.

We discovered that it’s possible to do a French manicure in just a few minutes without the risk of a beauty faux pas. In fact, nothing could be easier. All you have to do is apply the base in the classic way, with the color of your choice, and let it dry. The next step, the most complex before the invention of TikTok (yes, really), requires having a Beauty Blender or another object with a slightly soft surface (so that the nail can sink in to a minimum).

Then spread a little bit of the complementary nail polish (white varnish for a classic French manicure or any shade for a more daring French manicure) on the surface in question, then put the tip of the nail in the varnish and press lightly so that the line — or arc of a circle — is created, which is essential for a proper French manicure. All that’s left to do is apply the top coat, and that’s it! It’s easy to do, and very practical for those who are constantly running out of time.


Hero and featured images by Elena Taranenko on Unsplash. The story is published via AFP Relaxnews