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Beauty buys: NARS 72 new lipsticks, Kiehl’s Youth Dose Eye Treatment, and more

We have a bit of everything for this month’s edition of beauty buys. Skincare, makeup and also a hair styling device. Indeed, there may be more to consider this month but why not have new products for skin, eyes, lip and even hair? Keep on reading.

Sothys Essential Ampoules

Travelling may be all fun and games but at the back of your mind, you know your skin is suffering quite a bit. It could be from the harsh weather conditions or the pollutants in the air that cling onto your skin as you walk out and about. It’s not exactly a travel-friendly idea to bring all of your full-sized skincare with you — also because you should leave the space in your luggage for souvenirs. That’s when Sothys Essential Ampoules will help. Each of these travel-sized ampoules are packed concentrated active ingredients that can give your skin outstanding results. Its serum is sealed in vacuum sterile vial and is resealable.

There are four to choose from depending on your skin concern. Oxygenating Essential Ampoule energizes dull, stressed skin; Hydrating Essential Ampoule to intensely rehydrate dry skin; Brightening Essential Ampoule prevents dark spots and gives your skin a luminous glow; Anti-ageing Essential Ampoule protects skin from free radicals and external aggressions.

SOTHYS special edition Essential Ampoules On-The-Go Travel Compendiumare price at RM 246 per travel compendium (1.5ml x 14 bottles in a clutch).

Kiehl’s Youth Dose Eye Treatment

Restore back youth to your eyes with Kiehl’s newest release. Youth Dose Eye Treatment is a multi-powered eye treatment that is powered by Grape Seed Extract, Pro-Retinol and Vitamin C. And what do these rich ingredients offer? Pro-Retinol helps smooth fine lines and reduce puffiness, Grape Seed Extract is rich in antioxidants that can boost skin brightness and reduce dark circles, and Vitamin C improves skin texture. We all know about skincare product effectiveness that guarantees results after a certain amount of time — this eye treatment is different. You’ll get to see results instantly — smoother and brighter eye area, then fine lines, dark circles and puffiness will decrease over time.

Kiehl’s Youth Dose Eye Treatment is priced at RM169.

NARS 72 new lipsticks

In the spirit of the brand’s 25th anniversary, François Nars recently launched 72 — that’s right — 72 lipsticks. It’s a big relaunch of NARS‘ iconic lipsticks. Now it’s in a more improved and moisturising formula. 12 of the original NARS shades have been improvised to this new vibrant formula, plus 60 new ones in matte, satin and sheer have been released.

In case you didn’t know, the lipsticks were actually François Nars’ first releases for the brand. You may remember Jungle Red, the iconic red lipstick from the film The Women in 1939 and this specific shade of electric pink called Schiap (name inspired by designer Elsa Schiaparelli) that was and is still seen on many celebrities. Time to get them restocked with this brand new formula — and maybe plus 60 more because, why not?

NARS Lipsticks are priced at RM96 each.

Dafni Go – Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

Hair straightening (while on the go) could not get any easier than this. Just a stroke of the hair brush, like how you’d normally brush your locks, and voila straight, silky hair. It’s possible thanks to its patented 3D Ceramic Technology. It’s a unique heating element that provides uniform heat distribution at a consistent temperature of 185°C, so hair will not get damaged due to overheat. All you need is just five minutes in total to style your hair with this device. In just one minute, the brush heats up at its optimum level. Then all you need to do just loosely section your hair and start brushing through — yes, it’s that easy. Dafni brushes has six times the surface of a flat iron in a smart 3D structure.

Dafni Go is the travel-friendly version out of the other models. It comes with a compact designed thermal bag, thermal cover and detachable cord for easy packing.

Dafni Go – Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush is priced at RM588.



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