Moms got all the attention in May, now it’s time for the dads to shine — or in this case, smell good.

Buying a gift for dad on Father’s Day can be relatively challenging. We often hear them say, “I’m fine with anything” — which could either be easy or even more stressful with the number of gift ideas you have in your head. After all, we only want to gift the best to someone we looked up to since we were born, right? No pressure.

You could bring him to one of the best hotel restaurants in KL or buy him that wallet that he has been eyeing for the longest time. But if you’re still pretty much clueless on what to give, fragrances could be the answer and they’re usually fail-proof.

Not all dads are made alike but with this guide, you’ll be able to find one that your dad will definitely love. Four fragrances for four personalities. Pick one that’s relatable to your father and you’re set.

(All images: Coty)

For the adventurous father

Working a nine-to-five job won’t stop him from going on adventures during the weekend. Mr. Burberry Indigo is great for the father who’s an adventure-seeker, whether to venture out on land or sea. It is a scent described as an invigorating and crisp interpretation of the original Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette. It has zesty and herbal top notes of lemon oil, blackcurrant and rosemary layered over green violet leaf, driftwood, and spearmint. The warm and earthy base of amber with white oakmoss and musk brings depth to its scent.

50ml (RM 446), 100ml (RM 417) and 50ml (RM 308)
For the father who embraces the moment

Each moment counts, and even more so for this father figure. He is one that does not simply age but lives in every moment. A free-spirited father, many may find him impulsive, but he’s just making every second count. The Hugo Now fragrance carries a frozen fresh scent, opening with cardamom and energetic lemon that is softened by the aromatic notes of lavender. Mint and watery Aquazone exudes a type of cooling sensation, that is balanced with the warmness of Haitian Vetiver.

75ml (RM 260) and 125ml (RM 345)
For the young-at-heart father

This is the father figure that you considered as a friend (or tries to be), in trend with what’s happening on social media, posts on Tik Tok and probably heads out more than you do. CK Everyone’s scent is a perfect combination of clean freshness, sweet sensuality and provocative edge — which much truly describe a father that is young-at-heart. A gender-neutral fragrance with a zesty organic orange oil opening, paired with blue tea accord and a vibrant cedarwood base.

200ml (RM 342) and 100ml (RM 244)
For the impeccably stylish father

You’re not the only stylish one in the family, proven by your father who has upstaged you in terms of style in multiple occasions. The father who’s equally as attractive as he is stylish will be much suited for Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau Da Parfum. This woody aromatic spicy fragrance is sexier reinpretation of the original, now with chili pepper and soothing fresh rose.

90ml (RM 408)
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