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Add to cart: the best hair masks for healthy, shiny tresses

Say goodbye to bad hair days and treat your tresses right.

Your hair may appear healthy, but how well do you know your locks? Have a feel and identify what your hair truly needs. Whatever the concern – be it dryness or frizz – a hair mask is effective in regaining the shine it deserves. Consider this the next step into your hair care journey. You might have nailed the basics with shampoos and conditioners, but let’s embark on the next step. Like skincare, hair masks help achieve that healthy glow and lock in moisture. Think of it as a booster shot for your hair care routine. Depending on the products, you can use them once or twice a week before achieving sensational results. Here’s to a long-lasting shine – find out which product made it onto our list below.

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It’s vegan, sulphate-free and smells like a tropical holiday. This tried-and-true Coco & Eve product targets all hair types from the inside out. Replace your conditioner with a dollop of this hair masque (either once or twice weekly), comb it out evenly, and experience satisfying results after a few washes. It conditions from the roots to tips to boost and lock moisture in the long run.


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Every Ouai product is a treat, but this treatment masque is the winner. Safe for colour- and chemically-treated hair, it rehydrates, smooths split ends and frizz. The scent is heavenly; with rose fragrance, hints of bergamot, lychee, cedarwood and musk. It’ll leave you with healthy locks and smelling like a summer dream.


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After its cult-favourite No.7 Bonding Oil, this hair treatment comes second in our books. Suitable for all hair types – this concentrated treatment strengthens and protects hair structure, thus, restoring shine to your hair too. Keep in mind that the longer you leave it on your hair, the more benefits it brings.


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Incredibly good value for money, this treatment mask offers intensive care to your locks. Infused with Alpha Keratin 60ku, vitamins, and antioxidants, it eliminates dryness for smooth and glossy results. All it takes is three minutes for an outstanding outcome.


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Nourish the scalp with healthy vitamins from kiwi and usher in hair growth from avocado. If your hair is parched, a scoop of this in your shower routine is all it takes for a dramatic improvement. In addition, superfoods like spinach, chia seed and cocoa seed butter help replenish the moisture your hair desperately needs.

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What’s the secret to influencer Negin Mirsalehi’s healthy locks? Golden nectar from her family’s bee garden, of course. With Gisou’s best-selling line, and being adored by fans, it’s a no-brainer to include this hair mask in our list. Honey, a natural humectant, makes a great hair moisturizer to smooth the hair follicles while improving elasticity and strength.

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Here’s a must-have product that will make your mane smell heavenly. Made with a blend of spirulina extract and coconut oil, this hair mask nourishes and conditions your locks. The Hinoki scent, inspired by the Buddhist temples of Mount Koya in Japan carries a warm yet soothing scent of the Hinoki trees – an absolute dream.

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