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These are the best Malin + Goetz products and where you can buy them

Are you acquainted with New York-based beauty brand Malin + Goetz?

When Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz first opened the doors of their Chelsea flagship in 2004, all they wanted to do was to create a neighbourhood store that offered quality skincare solutions while making clients feel welcomed. 

Today, this modern apothecary approach continues to make waves. Less than two decades since its launch, the brand’s explosive popularity has taken them beyond the vanities of discerning New Yorkers to beauty aficionados around the world. In Malaysia, you can find the brand in KENS Apothecary stores and online.

The modernity and simplicity of the brand are some of its best traits. Instead of market-driven products, the duo focused on tried and true formulas with trusted natural ingredients. The idea of uncomplicated skincare goes beyond the paraben-, sulfate-, and synthetic fragrance-free formulas; the packaging is transparent about all its ingredients, and is colour coded for easy differentiation between the ranges. 

If you were looking to overhaul your skincare and bathroom regimen, here are the best Malin + Goetz products to try, and where you can purchase them in Malaysia. 

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For those who prefer to seal in their lotions and serums with a good pat of facial oil, this one takes the guesswork out of the equation by containing all the trendiest botanical oils known to mankind today. The nourishing blend sees the likes of evening primrose, argan and jojoba oils to help boost hydration, while grapeseed and rosehip oils deliver vitamins C and E to help improve skin tone. Meanwhile, geranium and borage oils help balance and improve the skin’s essential protective barrier. This mix has a low comedogenic rating, so you won’t have to worry about the product clogging your pores.

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This multi-tasker is perfect for climates like ours for many reasons. The gentle shampoo is chockfull of natural peppermint extract and amino acid-based cleansing agents to purify and balance the hair and scalp, while leaving an incredibly invigorating scent. The refreshing residue-free formula also doesn’t dry, over-strip, or leave build-up in the hair, so you’re guaranteed healthy, nourished locks, especially if you’re in the habit of washing your hair everyday.

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Those who want all the benefits of a good deodorant without the usual nasties like aluminium, parabens, and synthetic fragrances will appreciate this natural option. Formulated with odour-neutralising citronellyl and refreshing eucalyptus oil, the gel-textured deodorant glides easily and leaves no stains — especially useful after you hit the gym at lunch.

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With its ability to strengthen and defend the skin against environmental aggressors and UV damage, it’s little wonder that Vitamin E has become one of skincare’s most talked about ingredients today. This lightweight moisturiser by Malin + Goetz combines the star antioxidant with vitamin B5, fatty acids, and soothing chamomile oil to enhance water retention and keep skin hydrated all day, and can even double up as makeup primer or aftershave balm. 

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It’s not quite a mojito, but this deliciously scented wash will satisfy your boozy cravings, even if just for a few seconds. The cleansing gel is infused with a sweet and spicy scent — just like its namesake spirit — and has hydrating amino acids and the all-important glycerin, which binds and retains water in the skin, leaving you feeling moisturised all day. 

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Those dealing with pesky pigmentation spots, scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles will appreciate the thorough exfoliating properties of these pads. Soaked with 10-percent glycolic acid, these work like an at-home chemical peel to remove dead skin cells from the surface, minimising the appearance of pores and improving the skin’s texture over time to give a healthy glow. Because of its high-percentage glycolic acid content, the treatment might be irritating to those unaccustomed to regular chemical exfoliation, so start slow and build up frequency of use over time to allow skin to acclimate.

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