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Upgrade to these men’s deodorants to stay fresh all day long

Deodorant is an essential part of any person’s grooming routine, yet it’s often overlooked or underestimated. 

We’re constantly propping up the best fragrances and colognes, but that’s all for nought if your body odour overwhelms the vetiver and oud. A good deodorant will neutralise any natural musk and allow your eau de parfum to bloom. Bonus if it has an antiperspirant to stop your underarms from going moist.

But the many options can be inundating. There are dollar store sprays, luxury sticks, aluminium-free choices, and ones touting all-natural ingredients. Research is recommended before buying a deodorant even though they cost less than a yearly Netflix subscription. Here’s what you need to know before finding the best deodorant for yourself or your men. 

How to choose the best deodorant for you

Here are some of our pointers you should take note of before adding a deodorant into your cart:

  • Deodorants are not necessarily always antiperspirants – look out for the term while shopping.
  • You don’t need antiperspirant if you’re just headed to the gym or the beach as the whole point is to work up a sweat and perspire. But if you’re feeling courteous, it doesn’t take much effort to apply.
  • Most fragrance houses (think Le Labo and Tom Ford’s Private Blend) make deodorants for men that complement their signature perfumes, a factor you should consider if you’re already using their products.
  • “100% natural” refer to them being aluminium-free — it is the ingredient used in antiperspirants that stop your pits from sweating. Instead, they might use clay or baking soda to absorb moisture.
  • Stop using your deodorant if it’s making your skin uncomfortable. There are skin-sensitive options that would be gentler for you.

18 Best Deodorants for Men to Stay Fresh & Smell Good

To keep things easy, here are our picks of the best deodorants for men deserving of a spot on your grooming regimen.

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Singapore.

There’s no better all-natural deodorant for men than Ursa Major’s Forest Fix. Not only will you smell like the fresh and woody Vermont forests, but the kaolin clay and its moisture-absorbing properties will also keep you from sweating through your armpits.

This summer, bathe your skin in the aroma of lavender and the coolness of tonka bean and violet.  Formulated with plant-derived glycerin, Le Labo’s light-scented, roll-on deodorant is undoubtedly the perfect remedy to a scorching hot afternoon

Experience luxury by wearing the delicate and refreshing scent of Terre D’Hermes Deodorant Stick. It offers prolonged antiperspirant protection and dispels odour-spreading germs. Let’s not forget the crisp, cooling effect of oakmoss extract and aqua water.

A clear gel with a blend of citrus to tackle body odour while preventing dark stains. This aluminium-free herbal musk deodorant contains extracts of witch hazel and tea tree that help detoxify your skin and kill odour-causing bacteria.

For maximum impact and protection, Kiehl’s Cross-Terrain antiperspirant deodorant for men will do the trick. The “24-hour-strong” in its name should safely indicate its long-lasting formula, and it simultaneously eliminates body odour and wicks moisture, making it the ideal stick to bring along for any outdoor adventures or when you’re travelling.

We love a good travel essential, and the mini version of Malin+Goetz’s best-selling Eucalyptus deodorant fits perfectly in our carry-ons. The gel roll-on uses natural eucalyptus extract and citronellyl for a fresh fragrance. It is also vegan and cruelty-, aluminium-, alcohol-, and paraben-free.

Let your skin soak in the smoky aroma of oud wood, exotic rosewood, and sandalwood as you spray this deodorant by Tom Ford. It exudes a mysterious and sensual aura, leaving you invigorated even on sultry noons.

Gift your man the fragrance of paradise this summer. A long-lasting, residue-free, portable deo stick that is apt for daily use and casual meet-ups. Now feel fresh at any hour of the day!

This refreshing deodorant absorbs excess moisture and helps you get rid of smelly underarms in summer. Infused with rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus, this antiperspirant deodorant keeps you cool and smelling fresh for hours on end.

Flaunt a magnetic personality with Carolina Herrera’s new deodorant stick. It lets your skin imbibe the bold flavours of Italian green bergamot and white pepper to leave it refreshed and at ease. One of the best deodorants for men, this is a must have in your gym bag.

Apply this alcohol-free, roll-on deo stick and sparkle with vigour. A fragrance of intriguing sophistication, derived from the combined notes of fruits, woods, and herbs. Carry the marine vibe in your skin with its aqua freshness! 

Here’s an antiperspirant deodorant that helps prevent skin irritation and smelly underarms. It dabs your skin with a subtle, pleasant aroma that stays for 48 hours straight. Say yes to dry, fresh underarms!

If you’re in search of a delicate, paraben-free deodorant with a tropical vibe, you’ve found the holy grail! Kopari Beauty’s beachy roll-on deo detoxes your armpits with the sweet, buttery smell of coconuts! It glides smoothly around your armpits and the goodness of coconut oil ensures wetness protection for long hours.

Saturated with the cooling essence of cucumbers and the anti-bacterial powers of ginger root oil and cleansing sage, this deodorant gives the armpits the comfort they deserve. Get back home after a long day outdoors feeling refreshed and invigorated. 

The Body Shop is known for its cruelty free, vegan products and the Maca Root Deo Stick is yet another specimen. A terror to odour-causing bacteria and a mother to your skin, this natural deodorant moisturizes your pits without leaving any traces of sweat. A long lasting deodorant, this amazing product from Body Shop will keep you fresh by fighting odor causing bacteria all day long.

Step outdoors in comfort and style with Clinique’s antiperspirant deo stick. It dries quickly and lets your skin breathe even in humid weather. Its non-sticky formula gives your pits a clean finish making you look spick and span.

Try out this men’s antiperspirant deodorant roll for sweat resistance and to fight body odour. A unique formula that contains the goodness of zinc, caffeine, and vitamin C, Kiehl’s Body Fuel Antiperspirant is your ultimate saviour against sweaty underarms and itchy skin.

Free of alcohol and paraben, this deo stick balances moisture without leaving any sticky residue or sweat stains. The bergamot extracts and probiotic enzymes infused in the solution offers a fresh scent and effective protection from damp underarms. A gentle formula, this is a deodorant that’ll work well on every skin type.

Upgrade to these men’s deodorants to stay fresh all day long

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