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Hide those overgrown roots with these hairstyling tips

We know your gel nails aren’t the only thing that’s overgrown.

With beauty salons closed until the 28th April 2020 due to the COVID-19 movement control order, many of us are left with beauty concerns that can’t be taken care of professionally. Facials, gel nails, eyelash extensions — the list goes on. Although the third phase of our MCO permits the opening of hair salons, it’s only limited to simple hair cuts — hair dyeing is, unfortunately, non-essential. 

As our hair roots begin growing out and video conference calls are still a thing, our hair is not exactly as its prime. Box hair dyes may be the best solution so far but there would be a risk of hair damage and uneven spots appearing. Here’s a much easier solution: artfully concealing it with hairstyles.

Give it some texture

As your roots start to show, it usually grows in a straight line — something like a halo effect, which isn’t a good thing. Giving your hair a bit of texture, especially around the roots, will create a ‘distraction’. The waves will distort the straight line, so the grown-out roots will not be as visible. Curls or beach waves will do the trick nicely. If your hairline is usually parted down the middle, changing it to a side parting will also help conceal that dreaded halo effect.

Slick it back

The look that you often see on runways and models is definitely achievable at home. You can choose to have it slicked back into a ponytail or untied. This hairstyle exudes sophistication but the best part about is that it helps with your grown out roots-situation. The brighter or dyed colour will look less visible once your hair is in a slicked-back style, compared to the saturated strands around your scalp.

Put on some hair accessories

Hair accessories will be your lifesaver at times such as this. You can choose to wear a hat if you’re heading out — it’s a little odd to be wearing a hat indoors so hairbands or bandanas should suffice. These will provide a distraction away from your grown-out roots by partially covering it. You can choose to have your hair up, in a ponytail or just in its own natural state. Pick a hair accessory that is wide enough to cover. Extra points if it’s a pretty one.

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