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In a hairy situation? Here’s our ultimate guide to home hair removal

As beauty salons are still not allowed to open during the conditional MCO, we’re pretty much left in a very hairy situation.

The sudden partial lift of the MCO got us surprised. Instead the original May 12th, now certain sectors were allowed to resume operations from May 4th onwards. This conditional movement controlled order gives us a small taste of freedom, but with strict rules of social distancing still implemented. However, it seems like beauty salons are still not free from its clutches and are ordered to remain closed until further notice.

Waxing parlours are also included in the list of beauty salons and since we’ve been in this partial lockdown for almost two months now — we can imagine how much of a hairy situation you are in right now. How should you handle it? Read on below.


Image: Valley Medical Aesthetics

This may be the easiest option out of the four, but keep in mind that it is also the one that will cause the most damage. We’re pretty sure you’ve already heard of the horrors of shaving: how it makes your skin more prone to ingrown hair, dark spots, irritated skin, and hair growing back as quickly as you shaved it off. But shaving does have its perks — it’s time-saving, affordable and 100% painless.

This may be at the top of the list, but we suggest putting it as your last option. Only shave when you don’t have the time, and it’s best if you keep it to a smaller body part. The less skin, the less irritation.


The classic ‘apply and pull’ — waxing is proven to be effective every time, whether it is done by professionals or at home. Waxing is effective because it removes hair by lifting them by its roots. You can be hairless for up to a month thanks to waxing. As for the pain, we would say it’s bearable — only because you’re waxing one large area at a time. So have some courage, put on some big-girl pants, stick it on and pull. Certain areas may be quite difficult to reach, so we would suggest waiting until the parlours open.

Waxing strips are also on the more affordable side as compared to epilators and IPL kits. Or you can even make sugar wax at home with just three ingredients: sugar, water and lemon juice. It’s cost-efficient, not the most painful process, and the one that gives the best results.


Image: Healthline

Out of the four, this is the one that we highly recommend. It’s not a shaving device, nor does it leaves you sticky results. Epilating is basically pulling out your hair one strand at a time with a handheld device that works on any area. Epilators are also decently priced and you can get them in a variety of brands. The downfall is the pain, unfortunately. But once the hair is pulled out properly from the roots, the regrowth rate is slow and you’ll be hairless for two to three weeks.

Underarms are the least painful area, followed by legs, arms and the nether regions. However, some may even find epilating the leg area to be quite a painful process — we can’t even imagine doing it on your bikini area. Only do this if you have high pain tolerance.


IPL home kits are starting to garner attention thanks to the partial lockdown. As many are not able to make their usual appointments, IPL seems to be the most logical way to continue on the treatments — but at home. These kits cost the most expensive out of the four, and it may not actually give you salon-grade results. Some are built with high-heat lasers, while others use intense pulsed light — but both are indeed less powerful than the ones in the beauty salon. Plus, these devices are only meant for smaller areas and has a narrow range of hair and skin colours.

If you decided to bite the bullet and purchase one, use it with caution as you’re at risk of burning yourself. Read the instructions and abide by them. You will be able to see some results, but keep in mind it’s not the same as getting it done at the salons.

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