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How to wake up in the morning with a stunning blowout hairstyle

Trending on TikTok this week is a tutorial on creating a stunning blowout hairstyle.

From makeup to skin care to hairstyle, TikTok is full of tips and tricks of all kinds to help make users’ beauty routines simpler and more natural. This week, the social network shows us how to achieve a stunning blowout hairstyle using no heat — so with no hair dryer or straighteners. To achieve this slightly wavy blowout look — worthy of the most prestigious red carpet events — all you need is a brush, a few hairpins and… a T-shirt.

Ever spent hours in your bathroom battling with a round brush and a hair dryer without ever managing to tame your mane? If that sounds familiar, then you’re the ideal candidate for the latest hair hack that’s gone viral on TikTok: the heatless blowout. Here, it’s all about using everyday objects instead of the traditional hairdryer to achieve a perfect, slightly wavy blowout style.

Videos on the subject have been landing thick and fast for several weeks on the social network, reflecting a definite craze for this natural trick that doesn’t damage hair — and that’s no doubt the whole point — and with, it has to be said, relative success. The specialist in the matter is none other than My Pawfect Family (@mypawfectfamily), a master in the art of styling her hair with unusual objects. Her main video on the no-heat blowout has been viewed more than 700,000 times, and has scored nearly 100,000 likes.

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The young woman explains how, with the help of a basic T-shirt that she rolls into a donut shape, it is possible to achieve a blowout style without using heat. To do this, you need a fine-toothed comb, hairpins, a spray bottle filled with water (if your hair is not already wet) and a lot of patience. The trick involves separating hair into two sections, positioning the donut-shaped T-shirt on your head, and then wrapping strands of hair one by one around the donut — combing them carefully as you go — starting from the top of the head. When all the hair is wrapped around the T-shirt, all you have to do is pin it in place and go to bed.

After a good night’s sleep, just take it all down to admire a slightly wavy blowout like you’ve always dreamed of — and we’re hardly exaggerating. The craze is such that the hashtag #heatlessblowout has so far gained 7.7 million views on TikTok, although it encompasses other tips… like using socks to create perfect curls. More on that another time.


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