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These Lush gift sets will make you feel like Christmas is already here

It may be a little less than two months away, but we can already feel the spirit of Christmas.

It’s almost November, decorations are starting to go up, and Mariah Carey is almost ready to terrorise everyone with her holiday classic again. The Christmas gears have started to turn, but this year will be unlike any other we’ve experienced, and this warrants gifts that are more thoughtful — not only for its recipient but also for the environment. After all, Christmas might be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also easily the most wasteful.

Whether it’s a single bath bomb or a complete gift set, Lush has championed the ethos of thoughtful sustainability every festive season. For one, the UK-based beauty and bath brand is big on ‘naked’ products, so instead of layers of fancy packaging that you’ve to peel through, the product is sold as-is to prevent wastage. 

Even if you choose to have yours gift packed (it’s Christmas, after all), only recycled paper is used; and for the first time, their undersides are printed with information on its provenance and how to recycle or reuse them. Almost a million recycled bottles have also been turned into ribbons here, and glitter used is plastic-, microbeads-, and mineral oil-free.

Lush also removes water from their products as much as possible so there’s not only a need for less preservatives but also requires less water to produce and less plastic to be packaged in. Here, the most meaningful Lush gift sets we’d love to see under the tree this year.

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With additional reporting by PohNee Chin. 


Tired of losing the soap? Lush has finally included dishes to keep your favourite bars intact. Each of these marbled beauties are handmade by Granby Workshop in Liverpool, and are made from 70 percent recycled white clay to keep things eco-friendly. The best part is how each dish is completely unique, so you know you’ll be gifting someone a one-of-a-kind bathing experience this year. The bar is a caramel-scented soap that contains mood-lifting hints of sweet wild orange and bergamot oils, with the highly moisturising benefits of honey and aloe vera gel.

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Baths are the epitome of self-care, and the only thing better than a bath is one with a bath bomb thrown into it. made for that friend who lives for documenting her technicolored bathing adventures on Instagram, the O’ Christmas Tree is a collection of five exclusive mini versions of Lush’s classics, including the all-time favourite Butterball, which incorporates chunks of cocoa butter that melt into the water to soothe and soften dry and sensitive skin.

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Everyone loves a good glow, and this gift set ensures you get exactly that. The two fruity scents may leave you wanting to take a bite, but rest assured that you’ll be all squeaky clean after a good shower and scrub. In this gift set, you’ll find the Orange Shower Scrub and Baked Alaska Soap. Shower times are going to be fun.

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We could all use an adventure this year, so having two bath bombs that can take us through time and space from our bath tubs is a major plus. Comprised of Tick-Tock — a glittering orange Christmas robot that brings citrus scents with the invigoration of popping candy — and Roar! — an adorable dinosaur that unleashes a rampage of antioxidant-rich green tea powder and stimulating peppermint oil — the cheeky set is packed in a recycled box with eco-friendly ribbon, recyclable foil finish paper, and Eco Pops in place of styrofoam, which are made from corn starch and are decomposable. 

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Fancy a calming bath to get you sleeping like a baby at night? Look no further than The Night Before Christmas gift set, which comprises two bath bombs: Shoot for the Stars bath bomb and Twilight bath bomb.

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