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These 7 luxury hand soaps will make hygiene a lush experience

Washing your hands properly has taken centerstage since 2020 began.

This seemingly mundane and neglected part of our daily routine has been one of the main reasons why COVID-19 has not only spread around the globe, but at a pace that’s now hard to contain. However, old habits die hard and if you needed any more reason to wash your hands more regularly besides a highly-contagious virus, perhaps these divinely-scented hand soaps will do the trick.

While antibacterial soap has been widely marketed during this pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  maintains that it’s not necessary to rely on that variety in order to kill germs (including viruses and bacteria) especially when evidence that it’s more effective is sparse. Paramount to the soap’s antibacterial tag is the amount of time you actually spend sudsing up and scrubbing (at least 20 seconds, please). Do it for less, and the soap won’t have enough time to lift pathogens away.

Twenty seconds is a long time to be spending by the sink every time you wash, so to make the experience infinitely more pleasant we’ve rounded up the most luxurious hand soaps that not only smell decadent, but also offer additional skincare benefits like hydration and rejuvenation.

Now all you have to do is to scrub away.

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If you’ve already cultivated yourself an obsession with the brand’s candles and fragrances, then this bathroom extension will be a real treat. Made with organic lavender floral water from Provence, an ingredient well-known for its regenerating properties, and lavender honey for its rich mineral salts and fatty acids content, the liquid soap gently cleanses your hands while repairing the damage from weeks of hand sanitiser use. 

Organic rosemary floral water also purifies the skin while lending a refreshing aroma to the consoling scent of lavender. 

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Now well-versed in the art of creating all-natural anti-ageing products, Australian skincare brand Grown Alchemist harnesses natural actives and botanical ingredients in all of their products for better results, sans the use of harsh or toxic chemicals. 

Besides the reassuring scent of sweet orange, cedar wood and sage, its hand wash is packed with antioxidants and flavonoids to keep the skin radiant and soothed even after your 100th wash of the day. Coconut oil also releases triglycerides which gently emulsifies and removes dirt and grime after a long day, leaving you with thoroughly cleansed and refreshed hands. 

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Founded in 2012 by volunteer beach warden and coastal enthusiast Dom Bridges, Haeckels uses its coastal location to harvest and distil the seaweed, ocean mud, and marine minerals for its products. 

Its hand wash is no exception; seaweed extract fights bacteria while fennel, vitamin B and tea tree work to repair cells and hydrate. It’s also made with natural plant extracts to gently remove impurities without stripping the skin of its moisture. If you’re not a fan of suds, this low-foaming gel formula will be a dream for you.

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Aesop knows a thing or two about bringing the spa to your home. The hand wash contains the same rich, earthy aroma of mandarin orange, rosemary, and cedar, and is formulated with botanical extracts and finely milled pumice to gently exfoliate and cleanse, leaving your sanitiser-wearied hands feeling velvety-soft and exceptionally supple. 

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Bamford counts precious ingredients such as Moroccan ‘Hundred Leaves’ Rose and Ylang Ylang in this hand wash, which comes together with chamomile and lemon extracts to create a gentle, antioxidant rich solution. The UK-based brand also incorporates aloe vera to soothe and repair chapped skin, and has perfected its fragrance to leave you feeling tranquil and relaxed throughout the day. Besides being 75 percent organic, this hand wash is also free from parabens, sulfates and artificial fragrances. 

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Formulated to keep your skin feeling soft, nourished, and most importantly clean, Malin + Goetz added Rum Tonic eau de parfum for lightly scented hands. The pH-balanced cleansing gel also incorporates amino acid-based cleansing agents and natural fragrances to hydrate and rinse-free of residue without causing irritation, making this suitable for sensitive skin. 

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Possibly the only thing worth swapping out real roses for, the Dior Rose Ispahan hand soap is quite the indulgent way of keeping your hands squeaky clean. Bottled with warm and complex (but also delightfully subtle) notes of rose, this option not only smells expensive but also takes your bathroom aesthetics up a few notches. 

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