Another season, another string of new releases. Fall may be upon us but these scents are nowhere near woody. Instead, they are fresh-smelling, and most of them have the perfect blend of fruity and floral compositions. Fruity floral fragrances may not be new in the market, but these are the types of scents that many tend to go for as it’s neither too heavy nor light on the senses.

Take Jo Malone‘s Honeysuckle & Davana for example. The fragrance is meant to evoke an atmospheric aura of an English countryside — fresh, green, with hints of honeysuckle flowers. Prada‘s Candy Sugar Pop has a signature caramel scent with fruity components are added to give a more youthful vibe to it.

Fragrances are not made to be one-size-fits-all. We all have our own personal preferences, and fruity floral scents may not be the first thing that you would grasp. That’s why we’ve added the muskier Calvin Klein into the list, along with sensual and dark Carolina Herrera as well.

When the season changes, doesn’t mean you have to abide the rules to wear something more intense. Bring back the vibrancy of summer and spring with these latest women fragrances in town.

Jo Malone's Honeysuckle & Davana

Imagine yourself at the English countryside — fresh with greens, the sun is up and shining with the scent of bloomed honeysuckles filling the air. This is the exact vision that Jo Malone wants to create with the new Honeysuckle & Davana fragrance. Top note is davana, middle notes are honeysuckle and rose, while the base note is moss.

Carolina Hererra's Good Girl Collector Edition Velvet Fatale

A powerful sensual scent made for strong, empowering women, Good Girl Velvet Fatale uses jasmine, tuberose, tonka beans and cacao notes to represent female empowerment — along with an eye-catching design to match. Carolina Hererra’s signature silhouette design is now in red velvet which symbolises provocative intent and a lethal charisma.

Prada's Sugar Candy Pop

The newest addition to the Prada Candy fragrance range is this one right here. Still has the signature caramel scent, the Sugar Candy Pop is a more fun and youthful version of its previous launches. Now it has more sweets and fruity accords, with bergamot, citruses and white peach.

Calvin Klein's Women

The first fragrance developed under Raf Simmons is dedicated to women. Drawing inspiration from the multifaceted identity of femininity, a woody-floral scent comprises eucalyptus acorns, Alaskan cedarwood and orange flower. It is a slightly muskier scent compared to their well-known Air range but still exudes feminity.

Jimmy Choo's Fever

Here’s an interesting scent — a combination of floral and gourmand instead of the usual fruity florals. Still keeping its sensual character, the fragrance opens with black plum nectar, lychee and grapefruit. As the scent progresses, it goes darker with heliotrope and roasted tonka beans.

Gucci's Gucci Bloom Nettare Di Fiori

Introducing Gucci Bloom’s darker and more sensual sister, the Nettare Di Fiori. With the same notes of jasmine bud, rangoon creeper and tuberose from its predecessor, this time, rose and osmanthus flower are added on to give the scent a deeper volume. So it’s both light and refreshing, but dark and mysterious at the same time.

Jolin Lee
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