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Review: Dafni ceramic hair brushes makes primping an easy hair affair

Let’s face it – not all of us have the innate skill of using a curling iron or hair straightening iron. Those tools require time and practice to perfect, which some of us simply do not have. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have properly groomed hair. Enter the Dafni ceramic hair straightening brush.

What is it?

The device itself is straightforward enough. At its most basic level, it’s a heated brush that helps straighten hair by brushing your hair like you would with a regular hairbrush. Despite its simple outlook, the technology behind it isn’t. Dafni hair straightening ceramic brushes was designed by engineer and entrepreneur Sharon Rabi who took matters into her own hands after needing to juggle straightening her hair while juggling family life and work. The result is Dafni, the world’s first 3D hair straightening ceramic brush.

The Dafni Classic. (Image credit: Harvey Norman Malaysia)
How does it work?

The magic here lies in the patented 3D ceramic technology – this heating element allows for a uniform heat distribution at a consistent temperature of 185°C, which is the optimal temperature for styling without damaging the hair. Unlike regular heated hair styling tools, it doesn’t take long for the Dafni ceramic hair straightening brushes to get to its optimal temperature too. It only takes under a minute, which means that styling your hair in the mornings won’t take too long. As the old adage goes, time is money – and we need all the time we can get.

Models such as the Dafni Black and Dafni Allure come with a concave paddle design – named the Curved Core Technology – that mirrors the curve of the scalp, allowing the heating element to get as close as possible to the roots. But don’t worry about it burning your scalp – the tips of the brush is similar to your regular hairbrush, which means that anything touching your scalp isn’t of the heated ceramic element.

How did we like it?

Very much. For someone who isn’t terribly skilled with a straightening or curling iron, this piece of technology was a lifesaver for me. My hair is technically of a straight texture, but the humidity of our Malaysian weather means that my hair is constantly frizzing all over. It’s not dire enough to need chemical straightening, but if left unstyled, might not look ‘presentable’ enough.

Operating the Dafni ceramic hair straightening brush is as easy as they come. Simply turn it on, wait for it to heat up, and then brush your hair out in sections. I like to go through it thoroughly, so I first brush the outer part of my hair, and then the inner part to give it a C-curl at the ends.

The Dafni Allure is a cordless straightening brush powered by a compact lithium ion battery. (Image credit: Harvey Norman Malaysia)

If you’re one of those who tend to forget to turn off their styling tools and hope your house doesn’t burn down, you won’t have to worry with this product – it automatically shuts down after 15 minutes of non-usage.

Which model should I pick?

For someone with relatively fine and thin hair, I found that the Dafni Go was the most suitable for my hair type. The paddle brush surface is narrower than the Classic and Black models, making it an easier styling process. Likewise, those with thicker hair will appreciate the Classic and Black models that have wider surfaces.

If you travel often, definitely think of investing in the Dafni Allure, the brand’s first cordless brush. It’s equipped with long-lasting ion batteries – similar to those that power a Tesla car – and can style up to three heads per charge. Naturally, that means you’ll have to bring the brush with you on your carry-on. But with such ease of use and not needing a cord, we feel it’s worth the tradeoff.

You can purchase a Dafni ceramic hair straightening brush here.

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