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An honest review of Dyson’s new RM2,199 Corrale straightener

Do you really need an expensive new hair straightener? Is it a game-changer? Read on for our editor’s review of the all-new Dyson Corrale. 

The first thing that jumped out to me about the new Dyson Corrale hair straightening iron is that it neither sucks nor blows. In fact, it’s an all-new technology that aims to change what you know about hair straightening irons — quite similar to what happened when the brand first introduced its hairdryer, the Dyson Supersonic. 

dyson corrale
The Dyson Corrale in purple and black colourway.

However, at a RM2,199 price point, it’s a far higher price for this device compared to what you can get for other brands that have been in the game for a long time — and doing a good job at it too. What new technology could Dyson possibly create that would make them a new competitor in the market?

What to know about the Dyson Corrale

The prize feature of the Corrale is its flexing plates, which no other straighteners have. This doesn’t mean that the plates actually move before your eyes — the heating plates shape and gather your hair more evenly, no matter the hair texture. Crafted from manganese copper alloy with 15 micro-hinged segments, these plates flex and adapt to any hair type to reduce flyaways, and also gives you the desired style without relying on heat that much — which means that it will be less damaging for your hair. 

On the topic of heat, there are three precise heat settings: 165ºC, 185ºC, and 210ºC. Similar to the Dyson Supersonic and Airwrap, the Corrale also uses Intelligent Heat Control to regulate the heating plate’s temperature 100 times a second, ensuring that the heat settings are always precise, never veering too high or too low. 

dyson corrale
The hair straightener can go cordless for 30 minutes on battery.

But perhaps a favourite feature of all (and my personal own) is the cordless function. Powered by four-cell lithium-ion batteries, you can use the Corrale cord-free for up to 30 minutes, ensuring that your styling experience is tangle-free. There’s also a stylish charging station given as part of the purchase, which you can rest your straightener on to continue charging in-between styling. For a full charge, it takes approximately 70 minutes. 

My hair type

I have fairly fine hair that looks straight at a glance but is actually slightly wavy with the occasional frizzy strands. If I don’t do a proper blowout after shampooing my hair, I run the risk of looking unkempt. That’s why a straightening brush or straightening iron is my best friend, alongside a barrel brush. 

Post-CMCO, I was finally able to head to the hair salons and so I opted to get my below-shoulder-length hair snipped into a bob. Now, bob-haired girls will know that getting a shorter cut means more effort is needed in the styling department. 

How did I like using it?

My first impression of the Corrale is that it’s heavier than most hair straighteners. Weighing at 550g, it’s not exactly the most ergonomic, but I’m closing an eye because it houses lithium-ion batteries — something has to give. I’m also not exactly what you’d call a pro when it comes to using hot styling tools — I am precisely the sort of person who would burn herself with a curling iron. Using the Corrale is, quite frankly, idiot-proof. 

dyson corrale

Straightening my hair was a breeze with it. For my hair type, I set it to 185ºC, section my hair into parts, and let the Corrale do its job. For a non-veteran such as myself, the flexing plates came in extra handy as I didn’t need to neatly comb out sections of my hair to straighten. The section of hair that you take will automatically be smoothened out by the Corrale’s flexing plates, giving your extremely neat and shiny hair. I was sold. 

But wait, a hair straightener can do more than just straighten your hair — you can do a myriad of styles with it, from subtle waves to actual curls. As my hair is currently in a bob length, I lacked the prowess (and hair length) to do true curls — but subtle waves, I could definitely achieve. For this, I set the temperature higher to 210ºC for better hold in our humid weather. Again, I section my hair into parts, but this time rotating the straightener 360º away from my face — et voila, curls. 

As I didn’t have long and thick hair, 30 minutes was more than enough for me to go cordless. Having no cables to hold me back was a real game-changer, although it wouldn’t have been a problem with the Corrale anyway, thanks to the magnetic 360º flexible charging cable. 

Should you splurge on it?

At RM2,199, the Dyson Corrale is a considerable amount of money to splash out for a hair straightener. Then again, I initially had the same thought about the Dyson Supersonic too — if you look at it now, many people consider it a worthy investment, myself included. The technology is superior, and the research put into creating the flexing plates coupled with Intelligent Heat Control just means that for the money you’re spending, you’re also investing in the quality of your hair. In the long run, you’ll incur less heat damage on your hair, ensuring that you can continue producing styles you like without worrying that your hair is suffering for it. 

The bottom line is, if you’re a frequent user of heat styling products, this is worth the splurge and you won’t regret it. If you want to see what other styles you can achieve with the Dyson Corrale, see them all here

The Dyson Corrale is now available in Malaysia in two colourways: Iron/Fuchsia and Purple/Black. Priced at RM2,199, it can be purchased online, in Dyson Demo stores, and major electrical departmental stores nationwide. 

(All images: Dyson)

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