Our editor puts the new Ghd Helios hairdryer to the test.

I own a hairdryer that’s worth RM1,600 – it’s going to take a fair bit of convincing for me to swap it for another. But when the Ghd Helios presented itself to me, I couldn’t resist. It’s been a while since I used a traditionally-shaped hairdryer, and Ghd has always been known for its top-notch hair styling products. And so, I gave it a go.

Ghd helios
The new Ghd Helios comes in four colourways.

What is it?

The Ghd Helios is the brand’s latest hairdryer, designed to be “lighter and faster for ultra-powerful drying and ultimate style control”. How strong is its drying power? The brand says its concentrated airflow travels at 120km/h – faster than our highway speed limits.

One thing you can’t deny about the Helios is that it looks good. It’s sleek and looks expensive with four colourways (black, plum, white, and ink blue), metallic accents, and a silicon loop for better storage.

I particularly liked the choice of four colours – high-end hair styling products usually only come in black to maintain its prestige. Ghd found a way to add colour while still looking expensive with plum and ink blue.

What’s the technology behind it?

The contoured nozzle.
Heat and airflow settings.

Two features caught my eye: the advanced ionic and Aeroprecis technology. The former needs no introduction, as most modern hairdryers will have already adopted this technology to reduce frizz and flyaways caused by ion charges. What you want from this is smooth, shiny, and frizz-free hair.

The Aeroprecis technology is a newer one, combining the brand’s internal aerodynamic design with a bespoke contoured nozzle. What happens is that this delivers a concentrated temperature and airflow distribution for more precise control, enabling you to style your hair the way you want. This is where the 120km/h airflow comes in handy – those salon-grade blowdries you love? It’s going to be easily achievable with the Ghd Helios.

Did I honestly like it?

Yes and no – but this was purely preferential. While I didn’t enjoy using the Ghd Helios to dry my hair per se, I enjoyed using it as a styling tool. As someone with thin hair, I found the airflow to be a little too strong, even at its lowest setting. Instead of properly drying my hair, it sent damp hair flying in my face – not the greatest. Perhaps for someone who has much thicker hair, this would come in handy.

However, as a styling tool, it worked wonderfully. Armed with a barrel brush, I was able to tame my frizz with the hairdryer and recreate my regular c-curl style with ease. If you’re feeling adventurous, Ghd has several tutorials on how you can create loose waves and other styles with the Helios too.

Being used to my regular hairdryer’s ergonomic design, I was interested to see how the Helios, with its traditional hairdryer design, would fare. It was designed with optimised weight distribution in mind – and you know what? They were right. As I was drying my hair, I realised that the device doesn’t tilt towards the direction of the nozzle, weighing down my arm. In fact, the weight felt quite evenly distributed. What sorcery is this?

Would I get this for myself?

If I didn’t already own an RM1,600 hairdryer, I would most definitely invest in the Ghd Helios. Priced at RM910, it costs far less but still sits at a higher range than your regular hairdryer. It also makes sense – you’re paying for a Ghd product, not just any hair styling tool. With that comes quality and prestige – and you know you’ll be using it for years and years to come.

Drying my hair is simply one part of my hair routine – it’s important for me to have a multipurpose product that can dry and style my hair. For that, I would purchase the Ghd Helios.

The Ghd Helios retails for RM910 and can be purchased at Sephora Fahrenheit 88.

PohNee Chin
Editor, Kuala Lumpur
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