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Review: LeeKaJa offers luxurious K-beauty treatments in KL city centre

When one thinks of luxurious K-beauty treatments, newly opened LeeKaJa Beauty Salon is the first to come into mind. You can get quality head-to-toe treatments in just one location, and we really meant it when we said from head-to-toe. Mani-pedi, facial treatments, eyelash extensions, hair spa and treatments, even a barber area for the gents — that’s a very long list of treatments and it gets better. LeeKaJa Beauty Salon is known to have a lifestyle concept (if you haven’t noticed by the pictures), unlike other beauty salons. The entire area is open, surrounded by greenery, complemented with wooden panels and steel that exude a nice and warm earthy ambience – amidst being right in the middle of bustling Kuala Lumpur.

The interior is not the only thing that is welcoming, the attentive staff and service at LeeKaJa really add on to the entire experience. As you walked to the front of the house, you’ll be immediately greeted by smiling receptionists, which would definitely uplift the mood and give you that surge of excitement for what’s about to come, or how your hair would turn out in this case — which was what we felt, personally. Very quickly, you’ll be shown to your seat and then that’s where the (K-beauty) magic happens.

After a brief of introduction with our assigned hair stylist, Carmen, she asked “what hair colour would you like?”, which initiated a whole series of a somewhat serious discussion. Multiple questions were thrown and she answered them all professionally and even gave suggestions to the hair colour that we originally requested. When we’ve finally decided on the hair colour and style, she immediately got to work while making sure we are comfortable throughout the entire process. Drinks and light snacks were served from their in-house cafe — customers can also choose to linger around in the area after their treatment.

To summarise, the entire experience was absolutely pleasant and it didn’t feel like we actually sat on the chair for more than four hours in total. Staff was within reach whenever you need help, which included refilling your pot of tea. The environment of the beauty salon was welcoming but most importantly, Carmen delivered what was promised in terms of colour payoff and style. We were then being whisked away for a quick hair treatment — Korean Cream Bath which involved just two simple steps of applying (or massaging) and rinsing.

If you are considering to pay them a visit, we suggest going for their signature LKJ treatment which is called the ‘Cinderella Treatment’. We walked out happy and extremely satisfied, with beautifully dyed hair — nothing more than we could ask for.

LeeKaJa Beauty Salon is located at G-5-9 Robinsons Kuala Lumpur at Four Seasons Place, 145 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. For queries and appointments, contact +6012-8330040.

Special thanks to Carmen and LeeKaJa Beauty Salon. Photo credits: LeeKaJa

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