The best thing about fragrances is the constant reinvention and freshness put into their alchemy. Each scent has a certain perspective and angle, like music or fashion. They are all time capsules, tiny scent bombs that embody the season in which they were released.

For spring and summer this year, floral, fougere and musky fresh notes have the most staying power for men’s fragrances. Perfumers are upping their ante with magnifying scents of bergamot, vetiver and musky nuances.

Ermenegildo Zegna has been known to anchor bergamot in its range of fragrances, especially with its latest release of five distinct perfumes that are layered in citrusy bergamot notes. On the other hand, Bvlgari’s latest drop, Le Gemme Trilogy, highlights different notes of musk – from white to black musk – as a tribute to the Middle East, the cradle of perfumery.

Herbaceous notes are also going to be big this summer with the likes of Diptyque Eau de Minthé and Tom Ford’s Beau de Jour incorporating fresh ingredients like rosemary and patchouli. These refreshing fragrances are best for both day and night, allowing you to stretch each spritz without having to switch scents.

For many (especially fragrance snobs), it is about looking for a new signature scent or a bottle that you want to stick to all year long. Here are some of the best men’s fragrances to help you be summer-ready in 2019.