While it may not be in the fragrance industry for very long, Montblanc has certainly made a name for itself with its Legend signature series. With the Montblanc Legend Night fragrance being the third olfactory chapter of the Legend lineup of fragrances, it aims to bring out a more charismatic, yet more mysterious side to the extraordinary gentleman. The main focus for the Montblanc Legend Night fragrance is its emphasis on a man’s nocturnal personality, allowing the minimalistic elegance of the scent to do the talking.

The design of the bottle also takes cues from its previous iterations, featuring a similar shape, look, and feel from the Legend Spirit fragrance. Of course, that is where the similarities end as the Montblanc Legend Night fragrance features a cascade of colours, ranging from a rich shade of amber to a more subtle darker tone. Right below the nozzle sits the ever-present Montblance snow peak logo, which derives from Mont Blanc snowcap.

The Montblanc Legend Night is only available in Eau de Parfum, featuring a woody and oriental scent. From the first spritz, a fresh and lively tone can be traced almost immediately with clary sage and peppermint. The sensation is then enhanced with cardamom and sparkling bergamot to keep it balanced. Right after its initial impression, the middle notes come into play and counterbalance the scent of refreshing coolness with its warm elegance. At the heart of the fragrance lies a mixture of ingredients, comprising apple, lavender, cedar, fir, and violet.

However, only a true gentleman can pull off the scent of the Montblanc Legend Night fragrance and that man is none other than Simon Clark. Being the face of the fragrance is no small feat and Clark pulls it off effortlessly with a look of debonair and class.


Photography: NZP