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The newest summer fragrances for every occasion

As the new season rolls over, the trend for scents changes too. We’re done (for now) with those musky and woody scents — which are great for the winter season. But now it’s all about fresh, citrusy and floral scents. However, it doesn’t limit to just these three scents. There is certainly more depth to them — some may be purely floral-based while others may have a hint of botanicals in its notes to give a more refreshing scent. If you’re still looking for something dark and musky, there is one on this list too that still has floral notes in it.

In this list of new summer fragrances, we’ve categorised them to make your life a little easier. Now it’s all depending on your preference and when do you plan to use the fragrance.


Sparkling like a crystal, the scents and bottle are inspired by its perfection. Airy bamboo and crisp notes from Asian nashi contribute to the freshness of the scent. At its heart, lotus blossom adds on just a slight depth to the scent with its femininity, along with Balsa wood that is not overpowering to the nose.

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Seductive - Narciso Rodriguez Pure Musc

Narciso Rodriguez labelled this fragrance as purely addictive. An intoxicating floral-woody scent that is very personal and intimate, which becomes one with the wearer. Hence, why it’s addictive. White floral bouquet and cashmeran notes are used to represent the user’s strength and passion.

Sweet - Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau So Sweet

Daisy Love is what we would describe as the ‘fresh and airy’ version of the other Daisy fragrances. The addition of sparkling raspberries with crisp bergamot and crystalised cloudberries gives this floral fragrance its unexpected freshness. The heart of the fragrance is daisy tree petals and jasmine milk, ending with sugar musk and white iris woods.

Floral - Gucci Guilty Pour Femme

The signature line of Gucci Guilty fragrance is being reborn, now with more hints of richness and nobility in its scents. Now it’s an oriental-floral fragrance, intensified with mandora, pink pepper, lilac and patchouli. Another key difference is in the bottle design. The slender-looking bottle is designed similar to the Gucci Guilty Pour Homme, which symbolises that both men and women are equally standing tall.

Earthy - Chloé Nomade

For those who are followers of Chloé’s signature rosy scents, this one is slightly different. Nomade is the earthy version of its siblings, which also means it’s here to evoke the bold and adventurous side of women. It’s less floral and more ‘dirty’, as described by perfumer Quentin Bisch — the scent carries notes of Mirabelle plum, freesia and oakmoss. The bottle silhouette is similar to the iconic Chloé Drew bag.

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