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These innovative hair tools will take your coiffure to the next level

Relationships with hair styling tools are often labelled as complicated. It’s like a necessary evil among beauty products — you love the results it gives but the damage it does on your hair is really uncountable. You would end up buying more products to counter the damage it has done.

Thanks to technology, hair styling tools no longer emit just heat with an on-off button. Each now comes with fancy technology-driven features that auto-adjust temperate or even curls automatically without the need to twist and turn your device.

Dyson‘s new Airwrap hair styler may be one of the most advanced hair gadgets yet. Like all of their other home products and the Supersonic hair dryer, the hair styler is powered by Dyson digital motor V9. The motor produces enough air pressure to create the Coanda effect, which attracts hair to wrap around the barrel. Air is pushed through the gaps of the barrel, it pulls the hair in and goes around — styling hair to perfection without the need of any extreme heat like other gadgets do.

The best way to describe it? Imagine having a mini vortex in the barrel, created by the digital motor V9. A glass-beat thermistor is installed in the gadget so that it measures the airflow temperature over 40 times every second and ensuring that it stays below 302°F.

Digital motor V9 is installed to create the Coanda effect to curl hair without extreme heat.

That’s not all — the Airwrap styler comes in 30 and 40mm Airwrap barrel, round volumising brush that is ideal for flat and straight hair, firm smoothing brush to reduce frizziness as well as a soft-smoothing brush that is gentle on the scalp. The best one yet is a pre-styling dryer you can easily use on your extremely wet hair (take it to an ideal damp level) before styling with just one gadget. There will be three sets available to choose from according to your hair type, Smooth + Control for unruly, frizz-prone hair (priced at RM1,999); Volume + Shape for flat hair (RM1,999); and the complete set (priced at RM2,199).

If the Dyson Airwrap hair styler does not tickle your fancy, here are others for you to consider.

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GHD's Platinum+

Not just temperature-controlled, but this newest hair styling tool from GHD predicts your hair’s need. As everyone’s hair is different, the device will first recognise the thickness of your hair, section size and styling speed and then it will adjust its power accordingly. The device heats up in just 20 seconds and maintains the safer-for-hair temperate at 185 degree Celsius.

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Create Ion's Grace Straight Iron

Heat is definitely a factor that all styling tools have, but this one also comes with ions and far-infrared rays. The combination of the two delivers intense moisture into your hair as you style so it’s not just about ensuring that your hair gets styled quickly. The iron plate is also gold-processed, so it gives your hair a nice shine when you’re done.

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Philips' StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler

Curling hair is a breeze with this innovative device. The StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler automatically curls your hair with just a push of a button. Hold it against your hair vertically and just watch it work its magic. There are also 27 different setting combinations; three timer settings, three temperature settings and three curling direction settings so you can create your desired curls every time.

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