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5 places to order press-on nails and nail wraps to achieve instant glam

Don’t you miss the trip to the salon? As we wait patiently for nail salons to reopen, have you considered experimenting with press-on nails for a change?

Growing up, we’ve toyed with applying these press-ons and sticker-designed nails as a form of entertainment. Who knew the resurgence of these glued-on accessories will be popular today. Back then, intricate floralsbarbie pinks, and simple french manicures ruled the design department. Fast forward to today, you can name almost any design. Although your monthly trip to the nail salon may be on hold, you can bid farewell to gel manicures (temporarily), and say hello to press-ons.

Plus, you don’t even need an expert. All you need is nail buffers, alcohol wipes and nail glue (if needed) for a hassle-free process. It’s quick, easy, and less damaging to the nails. Good news: they’re reusable too. Whether you want to go short and bold or long with summertime vibes, we’ve got you covered.

The Base Coat Shop

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You won’t have to worry about weakening your nails with these gel press-ons. With prices starting from RM40, you can have nails lasting for weeks, without chipping. From square-, almond-, oval-, round- and ballerina-shaped nails, you will never get bored. Go ahead and enquire about customised nails by measuring your nail size and opting for a desired shape. This set includes a prep kit consisting of nail glue, sticker tab, cuticle stick, alcohol swab, nail file, nail buffer and debonding.



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If minimal yet chic designs are your goal, then Nailspress is for you. The inspiration behind this brand began with the idea of treating onychophagia (the practice of fingernail biting), and these press-ons serves as a shield by breaking the habit. In addition, you don’t have to measure your nail sizes as you make your order. With each purchase, the shop provides 24 to 30 nails of different sizes to match your cuticles. It will be a breeze when you apply them on.

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WrapIt Nails

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Looking for fuss-free manicures at home? Trust WrapIt Nails to come to the rescue. All you need is 15 minutes (or less) of your time to stick and file off. You will find designs ranging from abstracts to jewel tones and floral prints to glam up those cuticles. The process is simple: First, peel off the protective layer and chosen design. Simply stick it on while folding over the excess nail wrap, and file it off – voila, you’re good to go.


The Nail Edge

press on nails
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For youthful and energetic nails, check out The Nail Edge for any vibrant-meets-warm tones for every special occasion. With over 11.9K followers (and counting) on Instagram, stick it on with the best fall colours, whether in ombre tones or matte, whichever you prefer. For a personalised touch, you can even customise your nails with your desired dream design. In this case, you won’t need nail glue to place them, thanks to the stickers provided. This set also comes with 24 nails to figure out the perfect fit.



press on nails
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Got a soft spot for Pinterest-worthy nails? Imagine typing away at work with these embellished nails. Perfect for staycations in the city and upcoming holidays, you can save time and change between the designs whenever you feel like it. With fun designs like pop art, dreamy pastels and glitter galore, you’re sure to find the ones perfect for your personality.

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