As if growing old wasn’t bad enough, you had to find out the hard way that the same makeup you used at 25 doesn’t look quite as good when you’re 35 years old. But it makes sense — you change your skincare to anti-ageing products that will work harder for you. Why not do the same for your makeup? The biggest culprit here would be your base makeup, which is why you need one of these makeup foundations for mature skin.

With the right base makeup, you can elevate your makeup look to one that is comparable to your youthful days. Whether or not you’re the sort who uses primers first, you should definitely invest in a foundation that won’t work against your fine lines and wrinkles.

Here are some hard and fast rules when picking foundations for mature skin: don’t pick the long-wearing matte foundation — it’ll only seep into your fine lines and emphasise them. Choose one that has hydrating properties and is lighter in texture. And because it’s now 2019, makeup foundations have evolved and begun incorporating nourishing skincare ingredients into its formula. It’s a whole new ball game and mature skin can benefit from that. From brands such as La Mer that incorporates its iconic Miracle Broth ingredient into The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation to By Terry’s Densillis technology in the brand’s Terrybly Densiliss Wrinkle Control Serum Foundation, these products go beyond providing a flawless coverage to the skin.

Another tip to keep in mind when applying foundation while having mature skin is to not immediately use a lot of product for the entire face. Doing so makes the foundation “set” faster, giving textured mature skin that pasty look. Start with a little bit of product in the middle of the face and sweep outwards, adding more where necessary. By this age, you should also already know that you don’t have to apply foundation to your entire face, especially if you don’t need coverage on all parts of it.

Now go forth and invest in these foundations for mature skin — you will instantly be able to see the difference, and your skin will thank you for it.



PohNee Chin
Editor, Kuala Lumpur
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