Last year, Lancome’s iconic L’Absolu Rouge lipstick line turned 25 and went through a reinvention. Lisa Eldridge, its creative director who also runs a popular Youtube channel showcasing beauty videos, created a whole new palette of 86 shades that came in three variations: Sheer, cream, and matte. Earlier this month, the brand announced its latest addition to the L’Absolu Rouge family: L’Absolu Roses in Gloss.

L’Absolu Gloss lipstick range is a part of the L’Absolu Roses collection, a collection that includes lip liners and nail polish, and is inspired by the various shades of roses that Lancome has been known for. The lipsticks are prettily presented in transparent bottles and black-lacquered lids stamped with a golden rose.


Elegant and precise, L’Absolu Gloss also delights with its chromatic palette of 23 delicious pink-infused shades available in three covetable finishes: Sheer, for glossy lips, lightly coloured and sparkling; cream, to dress the lips with a veil of intense colour; and matte, for deep-coloured and velvety lips.

From a casual everyday sheer pink to a glam dramatic red for a night out, we wish we can have the whole range in our kits. But if you must really choose just a few, here are the 5 best shades we can’t wait to have from the Lancome L’Absolu gloss collection, each perfect for a specific occasion.

L’Absolu Roses in Gloss will be available in all Lancome outlets nationwide September onwards, at RM110 each

Everyday wear

The sheer pink of Pourquoi Pas 317 (Sheer) is enough to just add a hint of colour to your lips without being too distracting. The gloss leaves a hydrating finish that can be used in place of the usual colourless lip balm. Perfect for everyday use in the office, or for a short drive out for groceries.

Fun night out

Red lipsticks can change a look instantly, and we love this rosy-red shade of Caprice 132 from the cream range. It’s sophisticated yet playful, and adds instant fun to your glam night look. Match this with a cute sundress and you’ll be exuding a Taylor Swift vibe in no time.

Office meetings

Compared to Pourquoi Pas 317, the sheer Beige Muse 222 leans towards the nude side, without being completely bare. The shimmer and light hint of colour is suitable for work meetings where you want to look a bit more professional. The shade also complements Asian skin colours, and works well if you want to go with heavier eye makeup.

Date night

Thulian pink like Clair Obscur 422 spells out mystery and coolness. It can also be romantic if paired with the right outfit, and the right company on a date night. We suggest adding this to a full on matte makeup look for that chic yet “to be taken seriously” look.


Your lipstick collection will not be complete without a plum shade. The warm undertone in Entracte 181 not only flatters Asian skins; it also mimics the natural colours of our blush. If you’re feeling more daring, go on with a full swipe. If not, dab a bit at the centre of your lips and spread it around with your fingertip.