Nothing like a dust of highlighter on the cheekbones for that pop of glow. For the past few years, bronzers were always on considered as No.1 must-have makeup thanks to Kim Kardashian‘s extravagant contouring — also because who does not want to have structured facial features. Then we start to see the light (literally), and highlighters soon take over as everyone’s latest makeup obsession.

It was in 2017 when everything began to revolve around strobing and looking ethereal — and with highlighters, many were able to achieve that desired look. In the early stages, highlighters only came in white or pearly vanilla shades. That indeed nailed the job but people with darker skin tones found that it was too light and patchy on their skin tone.

Beauty brands then hopped onto the bandwagon and released more shades. Popular universal highlighters now are mostly with peachy undertones that complement all skin tones. That soon catapults major makeup brands to release even more outstandingly complementary shades, such as luminescent purple, silver and gold.

Don’t panic over the different undertones and shades. We’ve listed down five universal highlighters that are suitable for all skin tones to make your life (and makeup) a lot easier and on point.