Everyone — both men and women would love a bright, glowy, and luminous complexion. Sometimes all you need is plenty of water consumption or just have a naturally balanced diet for that all-natural glow. But apart from these home remedies and facial treatments, skincare indeed helps boost your radiance and these new brightening skincare products may help your journey to luminous skin an easy one.

If you’ve just hopped on to the brighter skin bandwagon, a quick search on Google for ‘brightening skincare products‘ may have whitening ones within the search results too. Then comes the question — what’s the difference between brightening and whitening?

Brightening addresses certain skin concerns, such as sun spots, acne scars, and just to give your skin that healthy glow without drastically changing your skin tone. As for whitening, it brings your skin tone up to another level (how much difference it promises depends on the products’ ingredients).

Whiteners tend to be more harsh compared to brighteners, but that doesn’t mean it’s harmful on the skin nor is it suitable for all skin types. Common whitening ingredients include: Hydroquinone, Melanozyme, Azaelic acid, Kojic acid, mulberry, licorice root, vitamins A and C, and papaya. And like any other skincare ingredients, excessive use is almost never beneficial for the skin.

The list below contains six new brightening skincare products that will effectively brighten your skin — minus the chemicals and bleaching. This is not a ‘no pain no gain’ situation.