Veganism — a way of life where cruelty and exploitation of animals is to be avoided — is gaining ground. More and more eateries are offering vegan dishes and fashion brands that eschew animal products are on the rise. But when it comes to ‘going vegan’ it doesn’t stop at just what you eat or wear but what you apply on the skin too. Multiple beauty brands including Malaysian ones are hopping onto this vegan bandwagon in hopes of contributing to mother nature.

If you do a quick search on vegan beauty brands, you may see a mixture of cruelty-free brands and all-natural ones in the results. That may be confusing to many as they all may sound similar but trust us, it’s completely different.

When the term vegan is used in skincare and makeup, it means that it does not contain any ingredients derived from a living being. This term is often mixed up with being cruelty-free — which actually means that the products are not tested on animals. However, when the product is cruelty-free it does not mean it’s vegan. For example, the brand might still be using ingredients derived from animals without testing on them. All-natural skincare or makeup, on the other hand, are typically centered around the healing properties of natural ingredients.

Also many tend to turn to vegan products as they are completely free from processed ingredients, preservatives, chemicals, and toxins. Now that’s sorted, here are six vegan beauty brands that can get you started on your vegan journey.