Considering the hours that we spend staring at computer screens at work, and simply getting around with our daily routines, our eyes are some of our most hardworking body organs. We inevitably rely on them for most activities, and the only time they get to properly rest is, well, when we go to sleep. Not getting enough rest results in eye bags and dark under-eye circles, while staying in air-conditioned offices all day makes our eyes dry, so it’s safe to say our peepers are constantly subjected to pretty harsh conditions. On top of that, age also catches up with us, giving us wrinkles that weren’t there before. 

While makeup such as concealers help cover the early signs of ageing and fatigue shown on our eye areas, it is always better to address the perennial problem head on. The eyes are, after all, one of the parts with the most sensitive skin on the face, and they need extra love and care.

Don’t fret, we are here to help you with the solution. Wrinkles, eye bags, and dryness can be overcome by a variety of eye creams available out there. So in this list, we have prepared 8 of the best eye creams and serums in the market to suit the needs of the quintessential career woman, for any kind of skin.