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8 eye creams for the career woman

Considering the hours that we spend staring at computer screens at work, and simply getting around with our daily routines, our eyes are some of our most hardworking body organs. We inevitably rely on them for most activities, and the only time they get to properly rest is, well, when we go to sleep. Not getting enough rest results in eye bags and dark under-eye circles, while staying in air-conditioned offices all day makes our eyes dry, so it’s safe to say our peepers are constantly subjected to pretty harsh conditions. On top of that, age also catches up with us, giving us wrinkles that weren’t there before. 

While makeup such as concealers help cover the early signs of ageing and fatigue shown on our eye areas, it is always better to address the perennial problem head on. The eyes are, after all, one of the parts with the most sensitive skin on the face, and they need extra love and care.

Don’t fret, we are here to help you with the solution. Wrinkles, eye bags, and dryness can be overcome by a variety of eye creams available out there. So in this list, we have prepared 8 of the best eye creams and serums in the market to suit the needs of the quintessential career woman, for any kind of skin.

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Shiseido Future Solution LX Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream

This contour cream effectively prevents the appearance of wrinkles, as well as corrects sagging around the delicate eye and lip areas. Use it every morning before applying your sunblock, or add it as the last step to your nightly skincare regimen. You only need a very small amount, as a little dab of the product is enough to go a long way.

Price: RM644 (15 ml)

Available at Shiseido counters and boutiques in Malaysia.

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Clarins Super-Restorative Total Eye Concentrate

Blending unique plant extracts such as albizia, guaran and cassie flowers, this cream erases wrinkles and addresses the dryness of the skin around the eyes. Suitable for any type of skin, you’ll be surprised that the crow feet, puffiness and dark circles under your eye will be visibly reduced in just about four weeks of use.

Price: RM330 (15 ml)

Available at Clarins counters and stores in Malaysia.

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Chanel Le Lift Creme Yeux

This silky smooth eye cream provides a visibly firmer appearance while helping to reduce puffy or dark eye bags. It also improves your skin’s elasticity, lifting the skin around the eye area so you look more awake. Chanel Le Lift contains 3.5-DA, a brand-exclusive form of dicaffeoylquinic acid that delays the ageing process. This prevents the development of wrinkles and improves the tone of the skin. Perfect for women in their late 40s or 50s.

Price: RM450 (15 ml)

Available at Chanel counters and stores in Malaysia.

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Clè de Peau Intensive Eye Contour Cream

Containing anti-ageing ingredients like tormentilla and licorice extracts, this contour cream corrects the sagging and dullness of the skin, at the same time banishing the dark circles under the eyes. It also provides moisture around the eye area, so as to prevent wrinkles. We love that it comes with a specially-designed platinum spatula, which be used as an under-eye massage tool. Doing so will increase blood circulation, improving the overall tone of the skin surrounding the eyes. 

Price: RM1,475 (15 ml)

Available at Cle de Peau in Suria KLCC and Pavilion KL.

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Dior Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Creme

Infused with mauve and haberlea leaf, this sorbet creme moisturises, nourishes and rebalances the skin. It also strengthens its natural defences against oxidants and environmental and physiological stressors, which make the eyes look exhausted. Women who experience severe dryness and flaking on the skin around their eyes would love this product. The cream feels light, making it great for daytime use.

Price: RM296 (50 ml)

Available at Dior in Sogo KL and Suria KLCC.

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Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm Eye

More than just improving the skin condition under the eyes, Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm Eye contains NeuroCalm Anti-Stress complex that addresses causes of tired-looking eyes. The complex contains Rose de France and Mu Dan Pi, which both neutralise the effects of emotional and environmental stresses. If you have to pull an all-nighter, using this will make your eyes feel refreshed while reducing the formation of eye bags the morning after.

Price: RM215 (15 ml)

Available in Lancome counters and stores in Malaysia.

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Yves Saint Lauren Forever Youth Liberator Eye Crème

YSL Forever Youth Liberator has soothing ingredients that refresh and relax the skin around the eyes. It also has micro-shimmer particles that provide smoothing and illuminating effects. But we love how it helps users to look young  with its powerful new anti-ageing molecules called glycans, which are a key component in the science of anti-ageing. It works by toning the eye area, making it appear lifted and plumped.

Price: RM330 (15 ml)

Available at Yves Saint Laurent Beauté at Pavilion KL. 

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Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

A cult classic since its launch in 2012, Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment is best used by women who have severely dry skin under their peepers. It may be used at night, but we like using it in the morning before our makeup routine. Put it on as a base and you can say bye-bye to patchy under-eye make-up as it actually smoothens out concealer. Women with sensitive skin would also be delighted to discover that this unscented eye cream won’t sting the skin after application.

Price: RM135 (14 g)

Available at Kiehl’s stores in Malaysia.

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