Without realising, social media has become a huge part of our lives — maybe a tad bit too much. We rely on almost everything on these little apps on our phones, from searching for fashion inspirations to even looking for your next dinner destination. Excessive usage is definitely not a good thing, but the positive side of social media platforms like these are created for people to connect with others across the worldwide network.

Similar to the fashion industry, the beauty scene is also a forever changing one. Once, there was the 10-step skin care regimen and the 7 Skin Method. And then, a period when people wanted to achieve honey skin. With so many new trends and unique beauty products popping up, this alone is a solid enough reason for us to be on Instagram to stay up-to-date.

Hence, we’ve compiled seven Asian beauty influencers to click ‘follow’ on Instagram as sources of makeup inspirations and also to learn about the latest beauty trends from all around the world. Why Asian? They are relatable — in terms of skin texture, colour, and even facial features so we can follow with ease.