It’s no secret that people are going nuts over coconuts, with the humble tropical fruit becoming one of the trendiest superfoods around town. Not only do we use coconut oil in our food, and drink coconut water to hydrate after our workouts — it is now possible to use coconut-infused makeup products too.

Such cosmetic products are incorporated with the fruit in various forms, from coconut oil to coconut water. But what’s the difference, and how does it benefit our skin?

5 coconut-infused makeup
Coconut oil is an excellent skin softener, which is great for dry skin.

Coconut oil’s benefits are so extensive, they could fill an entire book. The main draw is that this natural skin softener is especially good for those with dry skin, thanks to its composition of saturated fat and vitamin E. The lauric acid and caprylic acid found in coconut oil have also been found to ease skin disorders including eczema and psoriasis. But because of its emollient and separating properties, you’re more likely to find it as an ingredient in skincare products rather than makeup.

Perhaps that is why coconut water is the preferred ingredient in coconut-infused makeup products. Packed with electrolytes, amino acids, and phytonutrients, coconut water is an excellent ingredient to revitalise and hydrate skin. We’ve probably already packed on the hyaluronic acid in our skincare routine, but there’s no harm in adding more hydration into our routines, right?

Eager to include coconut into your makeup collection already? Read on for our list of 5 coconut-infused makeup products to try now.