You could wear the trendiest outfit, carry the latest It bag on your arm, and walk in the highest pair of stilettos for mile-long legs, but all of that would be for naught if you didn’t feel good about your hair. Because the truth is, our hair at its best can make us feel on top of the world, whether cropped, bobbed, or as long as Rapunzel’s.

Hair product like a great shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment are all essentials when it comes to taming the mane, but it isn’t enough. To accompany hair product and make your tresses the best they can be, you need to couple them with great hair tools as well.

Good quality hair tools may be pricey, but think of them as an investment — get a good one, and it’ll last you for ages. These gizmos protect your hair better and make styling a far easier job for you. If you’ve always been the sort who finds hair styling tedious, then these hair tools will make your lives easier.

In our list of hair tools you need, you’ll find a range of products that target different needs. There’s a silk hair wrap that not only exudes a glamorous 60s vibe but also keeps your tresses from breaking and frizzing while you sleep. There’s also Dyson’s ergonomically-designed hair dryer that not only minimises drying time but also looks good on your dressing table, as well as two hot styling hair tools from GHD that will make straight and wavy tresses an easy reality.

Ready to give yourself the best hair possible? Read on to see what you need.

Dyson Supersonic

Futuristically and ergonomically designed, the Dyson Supersonic is truly one of a kind when it comes to hair dryers. It’s powered by the same motor found in the brand’s iconic vacuum cleaners, equipping it with more horsepower than a regular hair dryer. Still, it won’t damage your hair thanks to its smart heat regulating technology that keeps temperatures from getting too hot. The dryer has also been designed in a way that all the weight is focused on the handle instead of the head, making it less strenuous on the wrist.


GHD Platinum Styler

This sleek-looking hair straightener from GHD doesn’t just look good, but also performs well. The heating plates are designed with tri-zone technology that reduces hair breakage and increases shine, which is what you want especially if you’re using a hair straightener on a daily basis. It’s also perfect for girls on the go as it comes with a heat resistant plate guard, which means you don’t have to wait for the hair straightener to cool down before storing it.

US$358 (RM1,501.27), Net-a-Porter

Silke London Hair Wrap

Emulate Greta Garbo and Elizabeth Taylor in their heydays of the silver screen with this silk turban. It’s not just for aesthetic purposes, because this silk hair wrap actually does have benefits. Instead of swapping your pillow cases for silk ones, simply wrap your hair before going to bed and awaken with glossy, smooth, and frizz-free tresses. The science is simple: Wrapping your hair in this silk turban reduces breakage caused by friction when you toss and turn, and also encourages natural hair oils to spread to the ends of your locks for more nourished and less greasy hair in the morning.


GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong

For naturally tousled waves that look like you’ve just stepped out from the salon, try the GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong. Like the Platinum Styler, this curling iron also comes with the brand’s patented tri-zone technology, so you can be rest assured that your hair will have the same glossiness and smoothness. With its bigger 32mm barrel, this curling iron will be more suited for longer hair as it can curl more amounts of hair in one go.

US$275 (RM1,153.21), Net-a-Porter

Mason Pearson Hair Brush

A hair brush is not just a hair brush, especially when it’s a Mason Pearson hair brush. This tool has been around for 132 years and clearly a worthy investment; it’s hand made with boar bristles and won’t snag on your hair. Brushing your hair with a Mason Pearson brush is also a scalp massage of its own and helps distribute natural hair oils, thanks to its flexible bristles.

US$205 (RM859.67), Net-a-Porter

PohNee Chin
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