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Beauty bandwagon: 5 products that will protect and nourish your dyed tresses

When Selena Gomez revealed her new blonde transformation at the America Music Awards 2017, we can’t help but to feel an itch to go blonde too. Bleaching is quite a painful process to go through, especially if you’re a brunette. Hours will be gone just by sitting on the salon chair, waiting for the chemical to strip your hair’s pigments. Unless you have naturally light hair colour, you may be able to skip this hard process. Is it even possible for a dark, brunette to get light, blonde hair like that? It is possible, but it also depends on your hair type and condition.

We asked Jolleen Chee, Education Manager of Davines Malaysia and EVO Hair for her advice on what’s the best way to go from brunette to blonde.

“If you have virgin hair, going blonde is much easier compared to coloured hair. Artificial colour (whether it is done at home or at the salon) is harder to remove compared to your natural pigments. If you want a clean blonde finish, then virgin hair is ideal. If you already have light hair, it won’t be a big issue but if your current colour is dark brown or has a reddish tone, it’s definitely going to be quite hard to remove,” said Jolleen.

“Some hair types are more resilient than others, they can withstand more than 3 times of bleaching while others simply give way at the first session. My advice is to give your hair a break in between bleach for at least 1-2 weeks, and then continue the lightening process. Some people do transitions gradually — by starting with a medium brown colour for 3 months, then onward to a lighter shade of brown for another 3 months, and so forth until you reach the lightness that you want. In between, do lots of hair treatment and if possible try not to swim as they’re really bad for the hair. And slowly you will get there,” she added.

“When going blonde, you need to be prepared to spend more time, money and effort on taking care of it, especially when it comes to blow dry and styling your bleached hair. Be also prepared to live with dry hair and inevitable breakage for the next 6 months at least (or until you cut it off),” she last advised.

Sachajuan's Silver Shampoo

When it comes to bleached hair, the strands tend to get yellow and brassy when exposed. Using a silver shampoo like this one can neutralise the colour while its UV-protection and Ocean Silk Technology promotes shiny, strong hair.

Sachajuan Silver Shampoo, RM118

Davines' Ol Oil

Before your hair loses anymore moisture, replenish them immediately after towel drying with this hair oil. Not only does it add a nice shine to your locks, it also detangles to make combing much easier in your fight against hair frizz.

Davines’ Ol Oil, Price N/A

Original & Mineral's Conquer Blonde Silver Shampoo

Another silver shampoo that you can consider purchasing. This silver shampoo not only banish brassiness but also maintains and make any hair colour you dyed last longer with its unique formula.

Original & Mineral Conquer Blonde Silver Shampoo, RM145

Percy & Reed's Totally TLC Hydrating Mask

Strengthen and deeply re-hydrate chemically dyed hair with this intensive hair mask. It’s specially formulated for all hair types: dry, frizzy, coarse, and rebellious, so you can wake up with healthier hair. The formula also seals the cuticle to prevent further splitting.

Percy & Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Mask, RM121

Evo's Mane Attraction

This hair treatment is recommended for anyone that has brittle, dry, and colour-treated hair. It’s infused with protein that repairs and strengthens each strand of hair until it’s healthy and shiny.

Evo Mane Attraction, RM136

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