If it’s good for your body, it should also be good for your skin. Superfoods are always recommended for that extra boost of nutrition so why not take that same approach by including them in your skincare regimen. Ingredients such as berries, apple, and chia seeds are often seen in skincare but honey seems to be the most popular of them all.

It’s no surprise that honey is indeed extremely beneficial for both the body and skin — this is proven with its rich history and popularity among the ladies since centuries ago. Honey is a natural anti-ageing and anti-bacterial ingredient, with the addition of brightening and moisturising properties. Depending on the type of honey, it has even more added benefits. For example, the Manuka honey is not only as nourishing but it also acts as a natural gentle exfoliator and is commonly used in masks.

So before you start slathering this sweet gooey ingredient all over your skin, perhaps you can consider these honey-infused skincare products first. They are packed with the same sweet honey benefits — potent with its natural properties. Here are our top picks.