Red seem to be on everyone’s wish list right now — and why not since both Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner in the month of February.

The two big occasions might be happening mere days apart, but the meaning behind the reds are different. Red during Valentine’s Day symbolises love while during Chinese New Year, it symbolizes luck. It’s easy to buy, pair and match red outfits together for Chinese New Year, but red eyeshadows seem to be a whole different ball game.

Red eyeshadow seems to be an uncharted territory, especially for Asian skin tones. Just a small mistake or even the wrong red tone can result in a ghastly red-eye look. To avoid that, be sure to apply eyeshadow in small amounts. Apply a little at a time using a small brush to start building the layers.

Trust us when we say there is a red for everyone. It may not be a one shade fits all, but like any other eyeshadow shades, red comes in many undertones. Find out if you have warm or cool undertones. Warm undertones suit oranges, corals, orange reds while blue undertones suit burgandy and blue-ish red.

If you’re still not ready for bold red eyeshadows: line your eyes with a red eyeliner. But with these red eyeshadows we’ve listed down below, there’s surely one that will tinkle your fancy.